It’s Not All War

Josh, I think “exerted our influence” can be more — or less than, rather — war. It can be support for dissidents. It can be a cultural exchange. It can be helping with rebuilding. It can be educational.

Santorum’s shtick — arguably what contributed to his reelection defeat in 2006 — is that we are not taking the radical Islamic threat seriously enough.

It’s a serious conversation because it’s a serious threat. And a nuclear Iran is an existential one to Israel, but also a human-rights disaster to many of its citizens, as Rick made clear, a hotbed for radicalism in the region.

I’d not worry as much as you seem to that Santorum is war-happy. I actually think he is an example of someone who takes Catholic social teaching seriously on a whole host of issues, including war and peace.



  • Chris

    Rick Santorum spent his years out of office working for a think tank dedicated to convincing Catholics that the war in Iraq was a good thing. He does apparently think the US should go to war with little or no provocation because the “Islamists” present an “existential threat.” That, I think, is being a war monger. And Josh is right to point out — there is nothing wrong with someone who questions the wisdom of engaging in another foreign war on built-up rhetoric with little to no evidence that a threat actually exists.

    Or did I miss the nuclear weapons cache Sadaam had hidden and ready to strike us with?

  • tz1

    ” a human-rights disaster to many of its citizens”.

    Iran to my knowledge does not have the death toll we have from abortion. Our country is violating human rights treaties on assassination, torture, and war crimes, and Santorum will only dig a deeper hole as our moral authority nadir isn’t deep enough for him. As with spectre, the pragmatic ends justify any means no matter how evil. I think he is as much of a cafeteria catholic as anyone from catholics for choice, only he only eats from the other side.

    Let Santorum be consistent. Call for the assassination of US Citizens at the stroke of a pen – but target abortionists. Or pardon any that do. That is a real current, immediate, ongoing holocaust here. Not some abstract, distant, and probably illusory threat.

    There is the blood of 40 million or more on our nation. I am a pacifist mainly because if stopping that slaughter does not rise to the level where violence is employed, no smaller one can possibly be.

    When iran has killed 40 million innocents, then lets talk about war. Or do something about the terrorist war on the unborn in your city first.

    It is easy to call for the bombing of strange persian people 10,000 miles away via video game drone or from tens of thousands of feet. It is much harder to do something about the man in the nice suit in the building down the street that has murdered 10,000.

    If you are calling for war and blood and bankruptcy, insure the evil target is worthy of the self destruction necessary.

    Or pray your rosary and do sidewalk counselling in front of the iranian embassy while waiting for the political process.

    If the only legitimate weapon against our holocaust is such, then I’m consistent in my pacifism and belief that God will not bless our country and we cannot win these other wars except in the manner of Pyruss. But Santorum is at best a hypocrite, or worse, cares nothing for abortion other than a way to get votes without having to do anything but wring his court-tied hands.



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