It’s NOT called, “Atheists Are Dumb: The U.S. Government Declares Christianity the State Religion Blvd.”

First a California school district chucks $45,000 rather than allow a few Bible verses on brick pavers.  Now we find out that a local community isn’t allowed to use the word “heaven” in a public memorial to fallen heroes.

Brooklyn citizens, through their elected representatives, approved the change of a street name to “Seven in Heaven Way.” The street runs past the firehouse that seven firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11 called home. Apart from the usual screeching about separation of church and state, the atheists claim the name change is “insulting.”

You’d think they named it “Atheists Are Dumb: The U.S. Government Declares Christianity the State Religion Blvd.,” or something.

Valhalla hamlet sign

Watch out, good people of Valhalla: the atheists are coming for you next!

But no, silly fellow Christians, the atheists oppose this signage because it is explicitly Christian and, they claim, “we’ve concluded as atheists that there is no heaven and there’s no hell.” Concluded? More like “decided.” But that’s not the issue here.

The irony here is that the atheists call for our public memorials to honor the diversity of our populous, thus calling for all sorts of indications of diversity in our public displays SO LONG AS THEY’RE SECULAR IN NATURE!!!!11!!11!11!!!!1 of course.

But the seven firefighters who died and were being memorialized by this act were not secular atheists who believed only in the power of themselves and their government. Nor were the men and women who advocated for the road name change. Nor are the many citizens of Brooklyn who had, and have, no problem with this signage. I’d wager they weren’t all Christian either. But the only ones screeching about this are the militant atheists who, in the name of not being forced to see any signs of Christianity, are forcing their secular atheism upon us all.

There seems to be no one so intolerant as the ones who, in the name of tolerance, demand an obliterated Western culture of sanitized reason, with a truncated sense of wonder that disallows the ultimate questions and sees only bad civilizational memories amid wisps of smoke when looking at the shoulders upon which they stand.

But hey, it’s a free country: they are free to be intolerant atheists, and I am free to resist their forcing their militant atheism on me and upon the places where I live. Our government isn’t an autonomous animating force, a bestower of dignity, or an originator of life and rights thereto. It didn’t originate or develop in a vacuum, the result of some spontaneous primordial “large pop” of unorginated societal philosophy. It came from a particular heritage, developed by believers in that heritage, and it cannot simply be distended from that heritage just because a small, but vocal, fraction of those who live under its protective umbrella reject the principles from which it was developed.

One of the great things about federalism (remember that concept? we should give it another whirl.) is that different localities can, within certain reasonable limits, set their own way of conducting their affairs. People who prefer the way a given state or locality conducts its affairs are then free to move and conduct business there. A favorable business and investment climate has led Texas to have a much, much easier time during this deep national recession than the rest of the country, for instance.

And if the atheists don’t want to live in a place where they’ll be forced FORCED! to see “Seven in Heaven Way,” well, they can either lead a civil movement to have it removed by referendum, or remove themselves to a locale that is less-God-friendly.

Then, the good people of Brooklyn get their memorial in the wholly acceptable manner they deem appropriate, and the atheists get their utopia. See how that can work?



  • Laura

    They should’ve name like that, though (Atheists are dumb…)



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