It’s Official: Biden is Still on the Ticket

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

President Obama has no intention of getting rid of Vice President Biden as his running mate, the White House said Thursday.

Republicans are being “ridiculous” and are trying to “distract attention” with their focus on Vice President Biden and his controversial comments earlier this week, White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

“They know that what they’re saying about this is ridiculous,” Carney said at a briefing with reporters, adding that it’s an “obvious” attempt to take attention away from policy issues.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign lashed out at Biden and President Obama this week after the vice president in an address in Virginia said the Republican’s approach to the financial industry would “put y’all back in chains.” Biden made the remarks in front of a racially mixed audience.

For Republicans, Vice President Biden is almost a gift sent down from heaven. His consistent gaffes are so comedic, sometimes it’s hard to separate the real Joe Biden from the one often fictionalized in the pages of The Onion. (The Onion‘s content isn’t always in the best taste, so I’ll leave it up to those of you who’d be interested in reading more to find those Biden gems yourself rather than linking to it here.) And I don’t think there’s any real doubt who is going to be coming out ahead in the Vice Presidential debates. Congressman Ryan is a gifted speaker and rhetorician. Even those on the other end of the political spectrum respect his integrity and competency.

So why keep Biden on amid so much speculation that he might be passed over for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

The answer is simple: it would be terrible PR. It would show that the Obama campaign not only made a mistake with their choice to pick Biden in 2008, but that they have now been pushed back on their heels as they fight to retain the White House. They’d be entering the most intense portion of their campaign season on the defensive. They can’t let that happen. The theme coming out of this White House, as the country continues into high unemployment and economic uncertainty, is “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Business as usual.”

This is not an administration known for its humility. And at this stage of the game, switching VPs would only make them look incredibly desperate.

There is, of course, another possibility, for those who are sure a back-room deal was in the works. Hillary Clinton, who went from presumed nominee to being shoved aside in 2008, may have turned the campaign down. That’s just speculation, of course, but one thing is hard to argue: payback is, as they say…not a very pleasant thing.



  • BasicBob

    Only problem with that line of thinking is that the Media is the 5th Estate. They will do everything in their power to keep Obama in the WhiteHouse. It’s really tragic how much control our Left Wing media has over EVERYTHING in our once fine Nation!

  • Sean

    I can’t wait to see Slow Joe go up against Paul Ryan in the VP debate. Plagiarizing Neil Kinnock won’t help him in that one!

    • MLSouth

      Same here Sean! My guess is that Biden will try to shy away from issues and go heavy on the personal attack. Which will then bounce off Ryan and they Ryan will refocus on the issues. And then Ryan will win the debate. Low blows are used when people are desperate, and that is where Obama/Biden are right now. Can’t wait to get the O&B ticket out of office.

  • Not Desperate at All

    Biden, as much as you try to make him look like an imbecile, has repeatedly proven himself to be a formidable debater. You’ll have to learn yet another lesson the hard way. Then again, you probably won’t learn. So much the better. You probably think Palin bested Biden four years ago, too.

    • Steve Skojec

      Nah. The only person Palin ever bested was herself. No, wait, I think you could say two people, if you count McCain.

      • Antonio A. Badilla

        Palin never became Vice President of this country but if she had become Vice President and had said something so stupid, I would have condemned it, and I’m a Republican.
        Steve, it’s a matter of plain decency, condemning stupid statements even when they come out of politicians we normally agree with.

        • Steve Skojec

          You and I don’t disagree. My point was that Palin *didn’t* beat anyone at debating. She wasn’t an articulate candidate.

          • Antonio A. Badilla

            “You and I don’t disagree. My point was that Palin *didn’t* beat anyone at debating. She wasn’t an articulate candidate.”

            Sorry for misunderstanding you. I’m just very irritated at a news media that constantly gives Biden a pass for his stupidity.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      “has repeatedly proven himself to be a formidable debater.” Wow! If he is a “formidable debater” we have nothing to worry about his debate with Paul Ryan!
      BTW, no one is trying to make him look like an imbecile, he is doing a good job at that himself! I want the President and Biden to continue to express their immost feelings. The more they do that, the better off Mit and Ryan look.
      Santita Jackson, definitely not a right-wing conservative, was appalled by what Vice President Biden actually said the other day, but I guess you’re willing to give him a pass.



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