It’s Okay, Catholics – The President Just Declared Religious Freedom Day


Well that was close.

For a while there, it seemed like President Obama and Kathleen (“Himmler Was An Amateur”) Sebelius were hell-bent on strangling the free exercise of religion in this country.  At least that’s the way things looked on the surface, what with the HHS mandate requiring Americans to choose between crippling fines or violating their consciences.  But now, thank goodness, it looks like we can relax.  President Obama, once again displaying his unparalleled wisdom and benevolence, has declared…ready?

Religious Freedom Day!

Don’t laugh, it’s true.  So sit back, relax, and don’t you worry your silly Catholic self about a thing.  Be thankful to the President.  In fact, let’s take a stroll through history together and relive other great moments of freedom…

1830 - Native Americans celebrate their forced relocation from their homes during Andrew Jackson's declaration of "National Respect for American Indians Day"

1857 - Slaves celebrating "Racial Equality Day" after the Dred Scott decision

1905 - Children frolicking during festivities for "Freedom from Child Labor Day"

1916 - Women lining up to vote after Woodrow Wilson declares "Universal Suffrage Day"

1942 - Excited camp-goers enjoy their internment after FDR declares "Japanese American Appreciation Day"

1964 - Street revelers celebrate after Governor George Wallace declares "Civil Rights Day" in Alabama

No, of course none of those other official “Days” were declared by past Presidents or governors, because they would never dream that they could pass such hypocrisy off on the American people.  Apparently Obama believes he’s different – or more likely he just believes the American people are different.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

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