It’s The Culture, Stupid

There’s been a lot written in the last few days trying to answer some of the questions that a lot of us have been asking.  How bad is this?  What does it mean really?  For America?  For Catholics?  How did we get here

This article, by Matthew Warner at The National Catholic Register, has been making the rounds, I think with good reason.  As to how we got here and what we need to do now, I think Warner nails it.   An excerpt:

And if you find yourself talking about whether Romney (or any politician) lost because he was too conservative, or not conservative enough, or he should have talked about social issues more, or the party needs a “bigger tent” – just stop. Those are political games focused on trying to mirror the culture rather than change it. It may lead to political victory, but it changes little. Culture warriors have chased such illusions for too long.

What we need is to impact the culture by changing hearts and minds. We have to shift the entire conversation and cultural values, not just gerrymander the platform. We don’t need a bigger “tent.” We need to make a more convincing case. That’s what brings about real change. That’s leadership. That’s evangelization. And it rarely comes from a politician.

Read the entire article here.



  • Mary

    This is very true. I have decided to spend some time at my children’s school on career day, and explain to the children a bit about the founding of this country and ways in which it differs from European society (compulsion toward good vs freedom and encouragement toward good), and proving to them that the country was not formed as an atheist one, but a generally Christian one, leaving the details beyond the basics up to each individual. Genuine religious freedom.

    • choiceone

      Yes. Genuine religious freedom is a general Christian value and, for that matter, a general Buddhist one, in all those countries that recognize you cannot genuinely convert anyone by force. This compulsion thing is totally strange when it comes to anything to do with the inside of your body and mind. I really don’t get it.

      • Paula Davis

        Choiceone, you have misled the People of God.

      • Mary

        You are trying to make black into white. As I said, the basics were put into place, example: murder is a crime no matter whose choice it is or at what age the victim is, and we need to faithfully return to those basics. The Founders were at a moment in history when genuine common good was made clear to them (they even debated ending slavery immediately) and they were open to it. We need to help reeducate the public on this issue.



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