Jerks: Simon & Schuster Create Parody Video of God Endorsing Gay Lifestyle

Simon and Schuster books, to promote a new book of theirs, produced a cartoon of God taping his own “It Gets Better” video.

“It Gets Better” is a campaign founded by the militantly anti-Catholic sex columnist Dan Savage aimed at encouraging teens to pursue gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.

See the video (warning: some of you will find this deeply offensive):

As you can see, among other things, the video portrays God saying “I know many of thy so-called holy men say that homosexuality is a sin against me, well I, the creator … am here to tell you those wack peeps be naught but straight up haters.”

So Simon & Schuster is happy to vilify every single Christian pastor who preaches God’s truth about sexuality and human dignity as it is revealed in Holy Scripture. That’s some marketing campaign.

I was the first person to dislike the video (it had already received 103 likes when I viewed it).  Please join me in disliking the video and emailing Simon & Schuster to demand they pull the video and explain precisely why they feel it’s okay to mock God and all Christians who follow His Word in the bible. I doubt they would create a cartoon like this mocking Allah. Is Simon & Schuster really intent on mocking and insulting Christian customers?

UPDATE — I want to make clear, this is not an instance of just needing to “have a sense of humor.” I like comedy and parody as much as the next guy. But this isn’t comedy. It’s propaganda designed to mock Christians under the guise of humor. I’m not laughing.



35 thoughts on “Jerks: Simon & Schuster Create Parody Video of God Endorsing Gay Lifestyle

  1. Brian A. Cook says:

    Actually, I get the impression that they’re simply encouraging teenagers to avoid suicide.

  2. Mike says:

    A recent UK Government Social Attitudes Survey found that the percentage in the UK is only 1%. As for the suggestion that most homosexuals are hiding their sexuality that argument doesn’t hold much water. Nowadays the media, etc, are promoting homosexuality as ‘normal’ and we are constantly told by the homosexual lobby that society now accepts homosexuality as OK. So why would people be afraid to respond to an anonymous survey? Surely, in this day, and age, homosexuals would be only too willing to resond to surveys such as this so that the percentage published is high. Also, just look at the number of civil partnerships. In the UK the number is quite small and is declining. If civil partnerships were so important to homosexual people we would surely expect far more if the percentage was between 5% and 9%.

  3. Joe Palmieri says:

    I’m sure the gays will love the idea that they are being linked to being anti-catholic or anti-christian. The video is ridiculous and humorless and Simon and Schuster should pull it from the air without haste. I wonder what the repercussion would be if the video was made
    using Allah and Islam as the pawns. We all know the answer.

  4. Richard G Evans says:

    As a same sex attracted individual who has chosen celibacy, I know we have nothing to be ashamed of, as humans in God’s own image, in feelings which we do not choose. But we always have a choice in how to deal with those feelings, whatever they may be. And it is precisely this type of attack on Christians in the guise of humor that made me aware of how ugly it may indeed get if we do not learn to authentically “live and let live.” The discussion to redefine marriage, for example, although not mentioned specifically here, has the potential of doing exactly this and this is why. There is a delicate balance between allowing all to live, as consenting adults, in the ways that they choose, and PROMOTING radical LGBT agenda and foisting it upon society. This video blatantly does that latter. And, if this is any indication, it is likely to “getteth” much, much worse.

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