Jimmy Carter and the Democrats’ Blind Faithful

I recently wrote a column for the National Catholic Register, where I noted the blind political devotion of Bill and Hillary Clinton, hopelessly devoted to Barack Obama above all else. These onetime stalwarts of religious freedom—yes, believe it or not, the Clintons were big advocates of religious liberty—are stumping for Barack Obama’s reelection. Bill Clinton utterly gushed in his endorsement of Obama at last week’s Democratic convention. The Clintons support Obama without a discernible peep of protest to Obama’s policies, particularly his HHS mandate forcing all believers to comply with his abortion fiat. For the Clintons, it’s party first.

The Clintons, sadly, are not alone. Millions of old Catholic Democrats—many of them conservative, ironically, but blindly devoted to their party—will be blissfully pulling the lever for Obama in November, and for gay marriage and for mandatory abortion funding. Obama is a Democrat, after all.

Well, as the Democratic National Convention also revealed, add another marquee Democrat to the list of blind faithful—a notably religious one, another former Democratic president: Jimmy Carter.

Carter has said many times, including very recently, that he can’t see how or where or why God or Scripture could ever justify abortion. That’s for sure. The Georgian Baptist has scoured his Bible on that one, and indeed found no justification for killing unborn human life. And Carter certainly never stumped for gay marriage.

And yet, there was Jimmy Carter, at the convention last week, stumping for Barack Obama, a president with a party platform that supports these things, and then some. To raucous applause from the “pro-choice” faithful, Carter gushed that Obama has given everyone an “equal chance in life,” creating a “fairer, stronger, and more inclusive America.”

The 87-year-old said he will be casting a vote for Obama “with confidence and conviction,” knowing that Obama has the “right policies” to lead America to a “better future.”

Carter was the rare pro-life Democrat even permitted to address the Democratic convention. It was a convention that not only endorsed taxpayer funding of abortion and banned pro-lifers and traditional marriage, but even attempted to exclude God from the platform. The God exclusion certainly could not have thrilled the aging ex-president.

Has Jimmy Carter said anything to Barack Obama about any of this? Has he protested these positions at all? Has this devout Christian, abortion opponent, and advocate of religious freedom even gently voiced a tiny little objection to the heavy-handed HHS mandate decreed by Barack Obama?

Or, in the end, is Jimmy Carter just like the Clintons and the others; that is, blindly loyal to whatever his party’s leader dictates? In the end, does Jimmy Carter likewise put party first, above principle, country, and perhaps even God and Scripture? And if Jimmy Carter doesn’t want us to have that conclusion, well, maybe he should do something about it. Apparently, he will not.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Carter is yet another among the Democratic Party’s blind faithful—like countless millions of old Catholic Democrats—merrily going along as their party adopts everything from forced taxpayer-funded of abortion to so-called “gay marriage.” They are complicit handmaidens to the Death Culture and the general destruction of this nation’s long-standing culture of basic Christian values. For them, it’s party and Barack Obama first, above all else.

Gay marriage? Forced funding of abortion? God stricken from the party platform? Sure, no problem—as long as the president is a Democrat.

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College. His most recent book is The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.



  • Concerned

    Did anybody understand what Paul Ryan said in his speech. He lies and twisted the truth. Just take $796 Billion Medicare cut. Same Medicare cut Ryan included in his budget and was proud about it before, used the same cut to bring down Obama. Romney has changed his position on abortion to suit the crowd several times, just think of the lies he told about Obama. Just watch his advertisement on how he is cutting and pasting Obama’s speech to alter the meaning and portray him as the worst President. I am sure you would have seen it, but it’s ok, because it’s republican and they support our cause to get the catholic votes.
    So it’s ok to support someone who is lying their way to grasp the power, just because we are going to get a favor from them. Is it morally right, as catholicas, while letting down the unfortunate ans helpless people, knowing that the poor is going to be massacred economically with the cuts that Romney and Ryan has proposed.
    Is there 2 types of rapes, one is forced and the other is unforced, means concentual which insults a woman., and their science about discriminatiion of semen from forced rape. Have we all gone insane or losing the common sense. Be neutral, do not take sides, and God is for all, most politicians are selfish and cunning, and we as Catholics are not going lose our integrity and faith to get favors. From these heartless creatures

  • Concerned

    Party comes first is true for both parties, but accept the fact that republicans rally around their party even on lies, and they have Reagan doctrine, of do not speak I’ll of another republican. Democrats at least fight for the truth, that is why they can’t unite and do things. But republicans will unite if it’s good for the party, not the nation.
    Do you all think that Romney is truly supporting churches issues on abortin, among his flip flopping record, taking 50 position on one issue within couple of days. C’on, he is out there for the job, not the issues, he even does not have a definite plan for anything. Changing plans like clothes. Above all church completely backing Romney who even does not believe in Trinity. Can we give our most precious belief in Trinity, in order to get favors on abortion.
    Republicans are out to kill all the programs for the poor and serving their rich masters. Which side our church is on, when the elect Romney, and do the church has the power to stop republicans in the cuts on programs.
    It’s repeatedly written in Bible, about I’ll treating the poor, as God will strike with vengeance. It’s time church take the side of poor and helpless, than the rich and mighty. Stop portraying republicans as angels , and Obama as the Lucifer…..

  • MLsouth

    The blind leading the blind. It shows a sure lack of intellect to just stick with a party because your parents did the same. Show some back bone and stand up to protect marriage, life, and liberty!!! If your party is against all that is good, how can anyone justifiably vote for them? It shows how shallow American voters have become. On top of that they believe all the media tells them, instead of doing the research themselves. “Well Lord, I voted for them just because mom and dad used to vote for them” is not going to cut it on judgement day folks.

  • Martial Artist

    Dr. Kengor,

    There actually is a very simple explanation for Mr. Carter’s support for Mr. Obama. Had it not been for the Obama Presidency, Mr. Carter would still be, by a large margin, the leading candidate for the “Worst Ever U.S. President” award. Mr. Obama has saved him from that historical distinction.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Antonio A. Badilla

    “Carter has said many times, including very recently, that he can’t see how or where or why God or Scripture could ever justify abortion. That’s for sure. The Georgian Baptist has scoured his Bible on that one, and indeed found no justification for killing unborn human life. And Carter certainly never stumped for gay marriage.”

    Yet, the ex-President like many Catholics support abortion and gay marriage by supporting the Party of Moral Relativism, the Party of the Culture of Death, the Party which did not want the word “God” included in its platform. It does not matter if one is “privately” against abortion and gay marriage and for religious liberty, if one is willing to re-elect a President who could care less about the family, abortion as murder, and lack of religious liberty.
    My sister in law was a catechist for years and now she proudly says she believes in abortion and is going to vote for Obama.
    The bishops and the Pope know that re-evangelization is a must because we are living in a post-Christian era. Society with its cult to death has won, and our churches are a testimony of the glorious Church we once had. I’m sorry to be so pessimistic, but as I look around at the hypocrites who label themselves “Catholic,” I can’t help feeling completely bewildered. This “confusion” among Catholics must have its origin in the Father of Lies. I can’t believe that Catholics would lack such integrity that they simply do not know they are openly contradicting the Church and have become a source of scandal, let alone understand the many souls they have put in jeopardy of eternal damnation.

  • LoveAll

    You have some nerve smearing the name of a great man like Jimmy Carter. That man has never done anything to hurt or be hateful to anyone. And he is a good, religious man who stands by his principles of love and compassion for everyone. You suggest that he hasn’t said anything about abortion when in fact he is trying to get the ENTIRE Democratic party to move its stance on abortion (http://nation.foxnews.com/jimmy-carter/2012/03/29/jimmy-carter-democrats-should-change-their-tune-abortion).

    You should praise him for being someone on the other side of the political fence who is fighting for the same beliefs as you.

    And how ironic that you talk about blind faith when you belong to a religion that demands blind faith from its followers. This is the same religion that knowingly protected its pedophiles and asked us all to blindly look away. The same religion that had Galileo arrested because how dare he suggest with proof that the Earth
    revolves around the sun when the Bible clearly stated the contrary. You are the one that is trying to rally your blind, faithful followers. Why do you spend so much time speaking so much hate for others, others who are good people and who want to do you no harm, instead of using that same time to do something like help the poor or feed the hungry or to support and comfort a gay teen that was kicked out of his home? When will you and other hateful people like you realize that if you stopped attacking others, you could actually increase your memberships and perhaps even persuade more people to see your point of view?

    And how dare you suggest that this election is only about abortion. Are you really suggesting that if a good Catholic thought that everything Obama is doing is right for this country except for abortion, that the person could only be a good Catholic or good Christian by voting for Romney anyway? That is true blind faith. I mean, Romney can’t even decide on where he stands on abortion until he knows which crowd he is speaking to. Carter believes in what Obama is doing and just because he disagrees with Obama on abortion and will still vote for him, does not make him any less of a good Christian man. He still wants Obama to change his view of abortion. I completely understand your position on abortion and not wanting taxpayer money going to cover it (forced tax-payer funded abortion) and you have every right to fight for what you believe to be a valuable human life, but were you this outraged at forced tax-payer funding of an unnecessary war that killed thousands of young American soldiers and Iraqi civilians? Were those lives not as important as the unborn babies you wish to protect? You want to smear Carter who has never faultered from his belief on saving unborn babies’ lives, but you praise Bush who knowingly sent young Americans to die in a foreign country based on lies.

    And getting back to Carter. This is the man who brokered peace between 2 of the longest standing enemies on our planet. What has the Catholic church done for peace in the middle east that outshines the great accomplishment of Carter? And during his Presidency he fought to try to keep women from getting pregnant who didn’t want to have a child and fought to promote adoption instead of abortion. No sir, you have Carter completely wrong and have tried to smear his name for no reason. Carter is not your enemy in this debate.

    It is truly shameful and un-Christian of you to espouse this type of hatred on someone as kind and loving as Jimmy Carter. Apparently, you have made a living out of it and probably profit quite nicely from it. Jesus would be so proud of you. There are so many great Catholic people out there but people like you will continue to give the religion a bad name. I’m thankful that I have some really good Catholic friends and family in my life who do a wonderful job of representing the true love that the religion is supposed to represent. They are Catholic, but they are nothing like you.

    • Randall

      WOW. Congratulations, you are the very epitome of the kind of Catholyc CINO scum we so desperately need to eradicate from the Church. Your views are completely counter to Church teaching and are not welcome here. Then again, perhaps you’re just an operative of the Democrat party here to stir up sedition. Either way, you are on the losing side of history.

    • Samuel

      Why is it that everytime someone disagrees with the Church on something he/she thinks the silver bullet is to bring up the abuse scandal? That is a total non sequitur. You cannot use it to advance your point here. I am not saying that the scandal should be overlooked, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the above article. This simply proves the vulnerability of your argument. Secondly, the Church does not demand blind faith from Her followers. Having Faith in something is NOT blind. It is trusting in God and all that has been revealed to man. Reason and wisdom informs the conscious of the sincere Catholic. Lastly, the Church does NOT hate homosexuals (or women that have had abortions). She opens Her arms to them and loves them just as She loves all sinners (liars, thiefs, adulterers, etc) and wants to bring them peace and comfort. Please try to view the Church as She IS not as you may think She is. There is a major difference. Thanks for reading…

    • Salty

      “The same religion that had Galileo arrested because how dare he suggest with proof that the Earth revolves around the sun when the Bible clearly stated the contrary.”

      Stopped reading here. You should probably read a history book.



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