Jimmy Carter and the Democrats’ Blind Faithful

I recently wrote a column for the National Catholic Register, where I noted the blind political devotion of Bill and Hillary Clinton, hopelessly devoted to Barack Obama above all else. These onetime stalwarts of religious freedom—yes, believe it or not, the Clintons were big advocates of religious liberty—are stumping for Barack Obama’s reelection. Bill Clinton utterly gushed in his endorsement of Obama at last week’s Democratic convention. The Clintons support Obama without a discernible peep of protest to Obama’s policies, particularly his HHS mandate forcing all believers to comply with his abortion fiat. For the Clintons, it’s party first.

The Clintons, sadly, are not alone. Millions of old Catholic Democrats—many of them conservative, ironically, but blindly devoted to their party—will be blissfully pulling the lever for Obama in November, and for gay marriage and for mandatory abortion funding. Obama is a Democrat, after all.

Well, as the Democratic National Convention also revealed, add another marquee Democrat to the list of blind faithful—a notably religious one, another former Democratic president: Jimmy Carter.

Carter has said many times, including very recently, that he can’t see how or where or why God or Scripture could ever justify abortion. That’s for sure. The Georgian Baptist has scoured his Bible on that one, and indeed found no justification for killing unborn human life. And Carter certainly never stumped for gay marriage.

And yet, there was Jimmy Carter, at the convention last week, stumping for Barack Obama, a president with a party platform that supports these things, and then some. To raucous applause from the “pro-choice” faithful, Carter gushed that Obama has given everyone an “equal chance in life,” creating a “fairer, stronger, and more inclusive America.”

The 87-year-old said he will be casting a vote for Obama “with confidence and conviction,” knowing that Obama has the “right policies” to lead America to a “better future.”

Carter was the rare pro-life Democrat even permitted to address the Democratic convention. It was a convention that not only endorsed taxpayer funding of abortion and banned pro-lifers and traditional marriage, but even attempted to exclude God from the platform. The God exclusion certainly could not have thrilled the aging ex-president.

Has Jimmy Carter said anything to Barack Obama about any of this? Has he protested these positions at all? Has this devout Christian, abortion opponent, and advocate of religious freedom even gently voiced a tiny little objection to the heavy-handed HHS mandate decreed by Barack Obama?

Or, in the end, is Jimmy Carter just like the Clintons and the others; that is, blindly loyal to whatever his party’s leader dictates? In the end, does Jimmy Carter likewise put party first, above principle, country, and perhaps even God and Scripture? And if Jimmy Carter doesn’t want us to have that conclusion, well, maybe he should do something about it. Apparently, he will not.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Carter is yet another among the Democratic Party’s blind faithful—like countless millions of old Catholic Democrats—merrily going along as their party adopts everything from forced taxpayer-funded of abortion to so-called “gay marriage.” They are complicit handmaidens to the Death Culture and the general destruction of this nation’s long-standing culture of basic Christian values. For them, it’s party and Barack Obama first, above all else.

Gay marriage? Forced funding of abortion? God stricken from the party platform? Sure, no problem—as long as the president is a Democrat.

Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College. His most recent book is The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.



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