Just another trauma…

Timothy P. Carney has a remarkable column up at the Washington Examiner.  In the midst of the controversy surrounding Todd Akins’ foolish comments about rape and abortion, Carney takes the opportunity to address some hard truths. The column bears the headline, “When a horrific rape leads to an innocent life,” and I couldn’t recommend it more. Here’s a sample:

[I]f commonly cited statistics are correct, hundreds of thousands of Americans walking around today were conceived in an act of rape. Jenni, and legions like her, raise a tough question for pro-lifers who don’t want to talk about rape cases. Her smiling face and growing family — she has three kids of her own — is also damning to pro-choice people who argue that abortion is a necessity for a woman impregnated by rape.

Jenni says her mother tells her that “it was a horrible thing that happened, but this was a little light in her life.” A daughter to raise “gave her incentive to recover.” Aborting Jenni “would have been just another trauma,” her mother says.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

Stephen P. White is a fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC and coordinator of the Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society. The opinions expressed here are his own.


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  • Anna

    Rape may be rape, but murder is also murder. Our society is so drunk on sex, we need–similar to MADD–a loud and visible, in-your-face campaign to redirect the American mind: Rape is not sex, it is violence. When the sexaholic American mind can someday register that abortion and rape (and war, and drunk driving) are ALL acts of violence, then perhaps, instead of attacking the innocent unborn, we can turn our attention to attacking the rapist.
    The Democrats and NARAL have little leg to stand on. Nothing promotes rape more than the pornographic mentality, and it doesn’t take much googling to see who and what The Playboy Foundation and the pornographers support.
    Jesus protect the unborn. Jesus protect all women. Jesus help all men.

  • Julie T.

    Thank you, John, for providing the link to Timothy Carney’s article in the Examiner. Would that everyone in America read it.

  • mary

    What most people do not know is that Martin Sheen’s wife, Janet, was conceive through a rape. Had abortion been legal back then, she never would have been born. Abortion kills a child. Society should do everything in its prower to protect the unborn and their mothers.

  • Rich

    I present this article not as method to promote an argument we should not be having, but as a way to view into the compassion needed in understanding.
    Let us not make this a divisive topic, but an opportunity to move into healing for all. Only God, and not politicians, can moves us along in love. We need to stop being hate filled when discussing life issues. Still, we need to understand the other in the effort to love the “enemy.” God give us all the grace to rise above the pettiness of politics into the realm of human conversation where we actually may find better solutions.

  • Prospero

    What’s a gentle, persuasive way to explain this to people who stand by the rape exception? When I explain that it’s not the child’s fault it was created by rape my friend questions me and says, “but what if the woman doesn’t want to carry the baby to term (for any number of reasons)”? I don’t know what to say when she asks me who would pay for the woman’s healthcare while she’s pregnant and delivering, what if being pregnant and taking the time off for doctor appointments and the birth could cause negative effects from the woman’s job?

    She says she doesn’t like abortion any more than I do but I don’t know the best way to answer her. She maintains that she uncomfortable forcing women to carry that child to term against their will and when I ask her about the fairness and duty to the child she says the woman should have sovereignty over her body. She insists I answer these other questions – but I just think she might as well be in favor of abortion. How can you legislate exceptions for rape?

    I want to have a dialogue with her and help her understand- but I need help reaching out to her. This Akin flub didn’t help matters either. :( Thanks for letting me share this and for any feedback you can give!

    • Everett

      Prospero, you’re right, these are very difficult questions. Ultimately you need to ask what’s more important – the life of a person, or the trauma and and other negative effects that may be caused by having to carry a child to term. If people honestly believe that a child is conceived and deserves full human rights, then there should be no exceptions in abortion, and rape is just one of the most traumatic and unfortunate cases there is.

      Women should have sovereignty over their bodies, but that isn’t the same as having the right to kill someone else. The sovereignty over their body doesn’t give them absolute sovereignty over their child’s body. Rape is a terrible, horrible thing, and there should be more support for women who carry the children conceived by rape. Ideally, if the rapist can be found/convicted, the rapist should also have to pay for medical care, time off, whatever, and should be forced to relinquish all parental rights.

      • Antonio A. Badilla

        Everett, I don’t think a rapist gives a hoot about “parental” rights and no one has sovereignity over the body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, other than God Himself.



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