Just what is the Catholic teaching on guns & gun control?

Although there was a time when the old men at a local gun club used to flatter my dad by telling him that I was a better shot than any of the boys in my 4-H club, I am not a gun enthusiast.

Gun Show Held At Pima County FairgroundsNevertheless, as a Catholic theologian, I am troubled by accounts suggesting that Catholics who don’t support the U.S. bishops on gun control are akin to Catholics who disagree with fundamental moral teachings like contraception, abortion and marriage.

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  • Louie_M

    So – you’re a bad shot, couldn’t trace an obvious blood trail, and it’s the NRA’s fault?

  • JackB

    I have already spoken about mixed messages by the church… This article still leaves one in doubt.

    I grew up owning a 12 gauge shotgun. Since I only hunted deer I loaded the gun with slugs. One day I was hunting in a big field. The field had several fence openings where animals might be. As I approached one fence opening a buck deer jumped up. I shot him in the rear. He went down, but soon got up and sped off. I spent many hours tracking that wonderful animal. His blood was apparent at every step I never found him. I never hunted again.

    If we ever needed a strong message to the powerful NRA it is now.

    • the rain

      You are on the wrong side. It’s been shown time and time again that gun control causes more deaths.

      Fine if you don’t want to shoot a gun, but don’t even try and tell me what I need to defend my family.



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