Justice Scalia: “Who am I to Judge?”

New York Magazine has published a fascinating interview with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It’s a rare and fascinating look at one of the nation’s highest-profile public servants, and one of the greatest jurists in American history.

Most of the interview is about—surprise!—Justice Scalia’s judicial career: his favorite court opinions, his judicial philosophy, etc. But the interview also touches on his deep Catholic faith (“I even believe in the Devil”), his thoughts on Pope Francis (“I think he’s absolutely right”), and even whether his interviewer is going to Hell (“Who am I to judge?”).

Read the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did.


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  • Jamie

    Antonin Scalia is not so much a proper justice as a right wing fanatic. He’s an embarrassment to the Catholic faith.

  • Barbara

    JUSTICE SCALIA ,you were appointed as a judge to help the innocent and judge the guilty* Shall we convict the innocent and set the guilty free??? Is this justice? By no means, yet this is what it is coming to/ Shall we let children to be murdered, abducted, etc. This is the tactics of the evil one if left without laws that protect the innocent and try the guilty or justice is not served* We must stand for truth+ JESUS is the TRUTH, the WAY , and the LIFE* GOD does not change* His truth remains the SAME+ As Catholics we must stand up for truth, not like Pilate who said; “What is truth”? We need to be a nation under GOD ,OR WE ARE NOT A NATION AT ALL* We need you justices to be on the side of GOD, for if GOD IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US+ We are his hands. eyes, ears and voice, in JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOR with the HOLY SPIRIT*

  • Pan

    Praise God for good justices!

  • HermitTalker

    Always loved his integrity and honesty and his humour and solid decisions.



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