Kentucky Democrats Withhold Funds From Catholic Hospital Over Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Ideology

I’ve written before about the danger posed to the identity of Catholic hospitals when budget constraints force them to merge with secular hospitals. During the fight to pass Obamacare, Democrats routinely accused Catholics of valuing their (anti)abortion views over the needs of poor people.

However, after the passage of Obamacare, Democrats have time and time again done precisely the same thing: dictating that their pro-abortion ideology should be a litmus test for whether or not they choose to fund Catholic health care institutions which serve the poor:

Louisville Metro Government is delaying an $803,000 payment to University Hospital to fund medical care for poor people this month because of some council members’ concerns over the hospital’s proposed merger.

Hospital spokesman David McArthur said he could not say Monday night if care for the poor would be affected without the money.

The payment was held up Monday when four Democrats on the council’s Budget Committee voted to table the issue over University’s proposed merger with Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare and St. Joseph Health System in Lexington, owned by Denver-based Catholic Health Initiatives.

The four — Tina Ward-Pugh, Vicki Welch, Cheri Bryant Hamilton and Rick Blackwell — said the city should not make its payment until it is clear that the merged hospital systems would provide reproductive care, health benefits for gay or lesbian employees, and visitation rights for domestic partners. [The Courier-Journal]

At least these Democrats are being honest about where their priorities are.




  • Matt

    I live in Louisville and the case is quite fascinating-fascinatingly ridiculous from a Catholic perspective. The U of L Hospital is apparently charged with providing care to the indigant of the county. Yet the Dems who keep harping on this fact are willing to let all the hospitals affected in the merger close (as it’s evident $ is tight at these hospitals, and costs will soon become unbearable) if abortion, sterilization, and contraception are not continued. So much for caring about the poor. The Courier-Journal is so biased in their reporting…and they keep talking about the ‘unanswered questions’ re: abortion etc. What questions? The ERDs issued by the Bishops will be followed. It’s crazy. Also, apparently U of L Hospital is now a public entity-which it wasn’t before…-meaning the governor is getting his dirty nose involved, as well as pro-choice “CATHOLIC” attorney general.

  • Matt

    Not sure what is Catholic about blocking domestic partners from visiting their loved ones in the hospital. Seems like Catholics should be standing up for exactly that.

    • Bruce

      Why would the Catholic Church recognize and lend support to destructive, sinful relationships?

  • Bruce

    The democratic party is the Party of Death. :)

  • Samwise Gamgee

    We should be prepared for open war on the Church by governments all around the world.

    I’m not too upset by the lack of government funds going into any Catholic organization. We should’ve been a lot more uncomfortable with the government money being funneled into the Church in the first place. Situations like this should remind us of the pitfalls of Catholic institutions (esp. hospitals and universities) taking government money.

    The Catholic Church has been caring for the poor long before the US Government came to be and will be doing so long after it’s gone.



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