Kevorkian dies of natural causes

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  • At the age of 83, Dr. Jack Kevorkian died of natural causes at a Detroit-area hospital today. Over 130 persons killed themselves with the help of the man named Dr. Death. Kevorkian long attacked the Catholic Church for her teaching against assisted-suicide and euthanasia. Even though he advocated for an evil practice in the false sense of “compassion” and “dignity,” the Lord told us to pray for our enemies, including those who prey on victims. So let us pray for his soul.
  • Catholics who would like to who should learn more about assisted suicide, euthanasia, and also pallative care (the practice of aggressively managing and controlling pain), please read these Frequently Asked Questions complied by the Patients Rights Council, formerly known as the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. Catholics and all people who uphold the dignity of the human person should have at least a basic understanding of these issues. Physician-assisted suicide is sadly legal in Oregon and Washington and possibly Montana after a state Supreme Court ruling there.
  • The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, better known as C-FAM, is sounding the alarm about the World Health Organization‘s decision to approve the drug misoprostol. One pro-life doctor said, like morphine, the drug could be used for good or for evil. C-FAM noted: “By authorizing the use of a single drug, the World Health Organization has simultaneously raised hopes for saving thousands of mothers’ lives and raised fears that the drug will also be used to kill perhaps millions of unborn children. Misoprostol is used to help stop bleeding during delivery, the main cause of maternal deaths, but it can also be used to induce at-home abortions, which are very dangerous, particularly in rural areas that lack primary or emergency medical care.”


  • Greg Smith

    Best example I can think of as “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  • Whitney

    Kevorkian was the anti-Mother Teresa. He helped his patients end their suffering in the name of “compassion” and “dignity.” He blasphemously allowed people to selfishly trump God’s will by giving them an easy out instead of experiencing everything He wanted them to. Mother Teresa found the beauty in suffering, and reminded her patients that their suffering was beautiful and would bring them closer to God. She recognized that pain an hardship is not a bane, but rather a gift from a loving God, and Kevorkian spurned this love in the name of earthly comfort.

  • Francis

    Whoops, looks like you forgot the ‘i’ in ‘palliative’.

  • Barbara

    I just wrote a piece that is weirdly relevant here:



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