Candidate Fund supports Jorgensen in #CA52

Voters in CA-52 should send Kirk Jorgensen to Congress

Contact: Joshua Mercer, 517-212-0419,


CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement:

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Kirk Jorgensen in the upcoming California primary. Kirk Jorgensen is a combat veteran and former CIA officer who represents the traditional winning three legs of the Republican stool, namely fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and social conservatism.

“Jorgensen is pro-life and a strong fiscal conservative. Jorgensen has won the endorsements of former Rep. Duncan Hunter and San Diego Charger quarterback Phillip Rivers. Jorgensen’s grassroots volunteer army is fighting hard against the establishment-backed DeMaio, a Republican who supports legal abortion and same-sex marriage.

“Carl DeMaio claims he’s socially liberal but fiscally conservative. This phony posture is the same unprincipled, rudderless position taken by many Democrats willing to sacrifice the American family for political gain. Any candidate who refuses to defend the American family should be rejected by voters, regardless of their party affiliation.

“Kirk Jorgensen is someone we can count on to be a fighter in Congress. We strongly encourage Catholics and all Californians to support Kirk Jorgensen in the June 3 primary.”


Paid for by the Candidate Fund, the political arm of, the largest Catholic grassroots organization in the country with 600,000 members. Not coordinated with any candidate or candidate’s committee.




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2 thoughts on “ Candidate Fund supports Jorgensen in #CA52

  1. JD says:

    Is there a list of CV-endorsed candidates across the country? (or, at least in NY?)

    1. Joseph Culis says:

      Just joined CV. Based on above article, it looks like I made a good decision.

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