Lesbian Teacher Suing Diocese for Being Catholic

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a Catholic High School fired a physical education teacher last month after it became public knowledge that she is a lesbian who lives with her partner, in direct violation of Church teachings. Sadly, the teacher, Carla Hale, reacted by suing the Diocese of Columbus under the city’s anti-discrimination law, which does not provide an exemption for religious organizations and carries a penalty of up to 180 days in jail. There is a very real possibility then that Bishop Campbell could be sent to jail for upholding the Catholic faith.

There is also the possibility that this case could end up in the Supreme Court, as the unanimous decision in the Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC case specifically leaves open the possibility of subsequent litigation for breach of contract. However, one has to wonder whether a contract based on a 19-year lie could still be valid. The Dispatch article does not state whether the school knew Hale was a lesbian and perhaps had some informal agreement with her provided she kept it quiet, but if so, the concealment on Hale’s part would only be more damning. Neither the school nor the diocese should be punished for trying to right the situation.

Bishop Campbell (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

Bishop Campbell’s diocese is being sued for upholding Catholic teaching. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

An analogous scenario would be a bank manager discovering that one of her employees has been robbing banks, or a police chief discovering that one of his officers has been dealing drugs on the side for the past 20 years. Carla Hale clearly opposes Catholic teaching, so how can she possibly be a Catholic teacher? The Catholic Church is often accused of hypocrisy, but what could be more hypocritical than allowing a teacher to publicly contradict the Catholic faith?

Catholic schools entrust their teachers with a special responsibility to provide spiritual formation and act as role models for their impressionable charges. Not so long ago, most if not all teachers at Catholic schools were consecrated religious. Carla Hale is not even Catholic, but is a practicing Methodist. There is nothing wrong with ecumenism, but faithful Catholic parents have every right to expect that teachers at a Catholic school should be faithful ministers of the Gospel and witnesses to Christ in both their public and private lives.

Nevertheless, Hale has found a deep well of vocal support from partisans on the left. At time of writing, an online petition for her reinstatement had over 10,000 signatures. In times of persecution, there is always an angry mob that thinks it is in the right. Popular opinion claims to be loudly and fiercely opposed to any form of intolerance as a matter of principle, but this apparently does not include intolerance of faithful Catholics.

The more we are persecuted, the more we must pray that Bishop Campbell, and indeed all of us will have the strength to bear the cross. As the motto of the Carthusian order reminds us, “Stat crux dum volvitur orbis.” The Cross is steady while the world is turning. We must hold fast to the cross, because the world around us is not going to stop. We must remember as the cross grows heavier, it is because we still believe we are standing on solid ground, when in truth, the cross is all that is solid and eternal.

  • Theo

    This is a clear breach of contract issue. Ms. Hale has admitted in writing and on television that she concealed her true lifestyle from administrators because she knew the terms of her employment. Sadly, the principal and Bishop are getting the wrath from the gay activists in Columbus.

  • John Fiarkoski

    All christians should be willing to go to jail over the defense of marriage and pro-life.

  • george welch

    Your analogs show how much you fear what you don’t understand.
    Bank robbers ,drug dealers do what they do for money. This person did not choose to feel how she feel she does. The church or religions say it’s wrong so does the bible “BUT”
    God the creator will judge not you or them .

    • joe

      There’s something you must understand about judging. People can only judge a person’s actions, not intentions. You are right in saying she may not have had a choice in how she feels, and it is not a sin to be gay. As long as she doesn’t do anything sinful because she is gay, and is trying to live a chaste life ( as all people are called to), she is fine with God, and no one can judge her. They are judging her act of actively living a way they don’t want their students to be taught. Would you let a Catholic Priest be a teacher at an atheist school?

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      “The church or religions say it’s wrong so does the bible “BUT”
      God the creator will judge not you or them .”

      Well Mr. Welch, in this case let’s shut down the Church, tell priests not to judge anyone a sinner in the confessional, and become a non-denominational church, since, after all, the Church can’t judge anyone.

  • Richard

    It might be “unbelievable” to witness unwavering homosexuals of either gender explain to the Lord God Jesus Christ in Person why it is okay to repeatedly(without serious intention to repent) commit the mortal sin of homosexuality. One day we all individually have to answer for our sins.

  • Louis J Trauth III

    The diocese has every right to set moral standards for teachers in Catholic schools, the city of Columbus, the state of Ohio and the federal government be damned! Hang in there, Bishop Campbell!

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      Well, Mr. Louis J. Trauth, III, I believe you are absolutely correct.

  • Judith Gideon

    Bishop Campbell is my bishop & Watterson is my Alma Mater. I support Bishop Campbell in his faithful & courageous decision in upholding the teaching of our Lord Jesus & His Church.



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