Let Us Subsidize Sexual Abstinence

The government ought to subsidize abstinence, or at least force health insurers to do so.

The mandate from HHS tells us that contraceptives and sterilization procedures qualify as “preventive medicine” that must be covered by all health insurance plans. Thus we can deduce that pregnancy is a disease which the state has a vested interest in preventing. If this is true, there is no surer way to slow the spread of pregnancy than by avoiding sexual intercourse altogether.

The state has a vested interest, then, in promoting abstinence.

Let’s start printing the checks.



12 thoughts on “Let Us Subsidize Sexual Abstinence

  1. […] Catholic Vote asks, tongue-in-cheek, why not subsidize abstinence? Given the mandate by Health and Human Services for insurance coverage of sterilization and contraceptives at 100% – putting pregnancy in the category of a disease necessitating prevention – why not pay people to abstain from sex? […]

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