Liberalism’s Biggest Lie: If You Like Your Morality, You Can Keep Your Morality

A lot of attention has been paid to President Obama’s less than forthright efforts to sell the Affordable Care Act when it was still pending before the Congress.  He told voters that the law would have no consequences for people who were happy with their already-existing coverage: “If you like your health care, you can keep your health care.”  But when the law was implemented, it turned out that that promise was no good.  Reform by falsehood is not exactly the way of democratic self-government, so this issue has deserved all the attention it has gotten.

But, I argue over at Public Discourse, Americans over the last couple of generations have been duped by an even bigger and bolder falsehood.  They have been assured by cultural liberals (wrongly as it has turned out): “If you like your morality, you can keep your morality.”  That is, with every effort they have made to “liberate” the culture from some provision of traditional sexual morality, these liberals have acted as if nothing was at stake but a small change in the prevailing ethics–when in fact the principles they were laying down would turn out to have revolutionary consequences.


Here’s my conlcusion:

After polygamy, what will be liberalism’s new frontier of sexual liberation? Lowering the age of consent? Abolishing laws against prostitution? Normalization of adult incest? No one can say.

It is both troubling and galling to think that we are now at the end of a fifty-year fraud that has been perpetrated on us in relation to some of the most important things in human life. But it is even more troubling to realize that we may not in fact be at the end but still in the middle of that great fraud, to realize that there are still more consequences to face, now hidden and even denied but nevertheless approaching inexorably with the unfolding of the logic of sexual liberation. The moral mugging is not over but still going on.

No one can say where sexual liberation will stop, because liberalism will not be honest with the country about its ultimate ends, and may not even know those ends itself. This makes contemporary sexual liberalism a frightening spectacle, and Americans ought to reexamine their commitment to it. The unchecked progress of sexual liberalism means that we cannot say what kind of moral culture our children will inhabit as adults or, accordingly, what kind of moral culture will form our grandchildren. No responsible person can support such a movement.

The argument supporting the conclusion is here.



  • willstauff

    Yes gay couples are just like any other loving couple. That’s why the median age of death 4 those who engage in gay behavior leaned in the direction of less than 50. Homosexual marriage is America and apple pie. That’s why data suggest a “20- to 30-year decrease in lifespan because of substantially elevated rates of sexually elevated diseases cancer & heart conditions, & violence among homosexual men & women.

    Homosexual behavior is as normal as breathing and skipping rope. That’s why homosexual behavior increases likelihood of psychiatric, mental and emotional disorders according to a study in the Netherlands. Youth four times more likely to suffer major depression almost 3 times as likely to suffer generalized anxiety disorder nearly four times as likely to experience conduct disorder, 4 times as likely to commit suicide 5 times as likely to have nicotine dependence, 6 times as likely to suffer multiple disorders, and more than 6 times as likely to have attempted suicide.

    Homosexual families are just like Heterosexual loving families. That’s why the incidence of domestic violence among homosexual men is nearly double that in the heterosexual population. (D. Island and P. Letellier, Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them: Battered Gay Men and Domestic Violence, New York: Haworth Press, 1991, p.14.)

    Gay marriage and behavior is healthy, that’s why HIV/AIDS is rampant in the homosexual community. Epidemiologists estimate that 30 percent of all 20-year-old homosexually active men will be HIV positive or dead of AIDS by the time they are 30. (Goldman, E. “Psychological Factors Generate HIV Resurgence in Young Gay Men.” Clinical Psychiatry News. Oct. 1994)

    Gay Marriage is the perfect environment to raise children, that’s why HIV infection rates more than doubled from 1997 to 2000 as safe-sex practices were abandoned. In Los Angeles and five other major cities, one in 10 young homosexual or bisexual men is infected with HIV. (“L.A. Studies Show Increase in Risky Sex by Gay Men,” Los Angeles Times, Feb. 17, 2001) Among homosexual African Americans, the HIV infection rate is one out of three. (“Young Gay Black Men Suffer High HIV Rates,” Associated Press, Feb. 6, 2001.)

    Homosexual marriage is the most stable family unit you will ever find anywhere. That’s why according to Centers for Disease Control interviews, 50% of male homosexuals had over 500 sexual partners, the first several hundred homosexual men diagnosed with AIDS had an average of l,100 lifetime partners. (Rotello, G. (1997). Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men. NY: Dutton.)

    Homosexuality and gay marriage is perfect for raising children. That’s why “Individuals from 1% to 3% of the population that are sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children.” (Timothy J. Dailey, Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse,)

    Homosexual should ignore 100 years of clinical research. That’s why even the corrupt APA admits there is no science behind “born-gay theory”. They hide behind a myth desperate for acceptance.

    Gay marriage provides a foundational healthy society. That’s why Homosexual behavior significantly increases the likelihood of psychiatric, mental and emotional disorders, according to a study in the Netherlands. (Study of 5,998 Dutch adults. Theo G.M. Sandforte, T. Graaf, R. Bijl, R. Schnabel, P. (2001) Same-Sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence, “Archives of General Psychiatry.” 58, 10: 85-91.)

    Even the APA admits they don’t understand everything about sexuality,but homosexuality and heterosexuality are both innate and immutable.

    Homosexuality is purer than the driven snow. That’s why Thirty-two percent of homosexual men and women abuse alcohol, as compared with 7% (10% of men and 5% of women) in the general population. (Fifield, L., Latham, J., Phillips, C. (1977) Alcoholism in the Gay Community: The Price of Alienation, Isolation, and Oppression, A Project of the Gay Community Service Center, Los Angeles, CA)

    Cities that promote gay marriage and homosexuality are great places to visit that’s why In Los Angeles County, homosexual jail inmates have as high as a 94% recidivism rate. These inmates with communicable diseases, such as AIDS, syphilis, and hepatitis, infect others in the community upon their release and then infect still others back inside the jails if they return. (Beth Shuster, Los Angeles Times, “Sheriff approves Handout of Condoms to Gay Inmates,”

    • Eric Johnson

      The data you’ve quoted is outdated and in many cases has been debunked. I suggest that everyone review what you have stated and then research the internet for actual current data. Additionally, much of the psychiatric data reflects that homosexuals have been abused in many societies. Now that they are being accepted as fellow human beings, their self- esteem will no longer be thwarted by prejudice and physical violence and therefore their psychiatric problems will continue to decline as more and more societies embrace and accept them.

      • wheaton4prez

        Eric Johnson.

        Actually, if you’re going to make those claims, the burden is on you to back them up. Not to tell everyone else to do your homework to find out.

        What specific information do you challenge and where is your evidence that you are correct?

  • JJ

    “Reform by falsehood”

    This is a stunning phrase! I love it!

  • Slats

    Good piece, Carson, but the headline and intro led me to hope for something different. The story that needs to be told is the desire of Planned Parenthood (and other proponents of sexuality-as-selfish-fulfillment-and-entertainment) and homosexual activists, given teeth by the radicalism of the Obama administration, to destroy and criminalize all those who disagree with them. If you do not believe in your heart that their perspective is correct and that the behaviors they advocate are wholesome, they will crush your beliefs out of you through court-ordered economic and social suffering up to and including jail. Our friend Candida Moss is, binarily speaking, a bold-faced liar, telling the precise opposite of the truth. What is happening (and on the very near horizon to happening) to folks of Christian perspective in this country nowadays is extremely closely paralleled to the Diocletian persecution. The only reason actual martyrdom isn’t in there is because our foes aren’t big believers in capital punishment.

  • Dutchman

    Polling data have established that the factor most likely to influence a voter to support gay marriage is actually having a homosexual friend. When you actually know someone who’s gay, you realize that they live pretty normal lives, go to work just like everybody else, love their families and their friends, own homes, pay their taxes, all the usual stuff.

    And the things that they do are becoming accepted now to, since most heterosexual couples do those same things from time to time. So they have ceased to be some kind of alien creature to be feared and are just people who are in something a little different. The really perverse deviations are going to remain socially anathema, as the standard heterosexual repertory will not (and in some cases cannot) expand to include them.

    So, past gay marriage, what kind of legal changes can we expect? The age of consent will probably come down to European norms (fourteen or sixteen), but other than that, what barriers actually exist to most sexual deviation? These things are legal already and will always remain half-hidden in the shadows.

    No, the real threat to sexual morality is the logic of the market. Capitalism seeks to commodity everything. Pressure from the money power will eventually normalize pornography and legalize prostitution. This mercantile spirit of sexual consumerism is the exact opposite of the blood feeling that leads to family formation. Pius XI was exactly right when he said: “The system is vicious, both ethically and ontologically … capitalism degrades men to mere economic facts of cost, to be bargained for at lowest possible market prices.”

    Think about it? The whole pitch for gay marriage was about giving homosexual couples the financial benefits or marriage! When I heard Episcopal Bishop Robinson speak on the subject he was quite frank: “It’s about the money.”

    Again and again, we see that a system that treats everyone as consumers, and everything as consumption, will seek to profit off of sexuality just as it profits off of everything else. The lesson is clear: if you want a return to sexual morality, fight for socialism!

    • wheaton4prez

      You have cherry picked statements not only to distort the messages on capitalism but to absurdly connect financial issues to gay marriage.

      The idea that people oppose gay marriage laws because of the different way money might exchange hands is ridiculous.

      Catholics oppose gay marriage laws because laws apply to all of the citizens that have to live under them. And Catholics define marriage differently. It’s wrong for gay marriage advocates to impose their morality on everyone else via the law.

  • Eric Johnson

    The right of women to control their own body’s and the right of gays to marry come from well intentioned people who have thought deeply about these subjects. “Lowering the age of consent? Abolishing laws against prostitution? Normalization of adult incest? Why must you always diminish the American public in order to create a false demon? We are your neighbors. We are your fellow Americans who have simply come to different conclusions than you have. Do we know we’re right? Of course not. But we are making the best decisions we can,
    just as you are.

    • wheaton4prez

      Eric Johnson.

      You don’t really believe in people controlling their own bodies yourself. For example, you advocate for legal abortion which completely removes control from another living human beings body. It kills them. That is the most clear example of taking away peoples right to control their body that can be imagined. The person wasn’t even granted, by you, the right to take a breath of air.

      You ask why someone would diminish your efforts. Did the article not plainly answer that question? Because your efforts on the subject of sexuality have constantly been revised toward accepting something new, with no clear indication of when it will end. You dismiss the possibility of changing laws regarding age of consent. But, we already have liberals out defending Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. You dismiss concerns about prostitution and incest. But, we already have people pointing out that the “two consenting adults” argument you float for gay marriage logically applies to those cases in the same way.

  • MominVermont

    Great title



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