Life of the (Tea) Party

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how the Tea Party movement supposedly isn’t pro-life, and the new wave of Republicans might ditch social issues.

Don’t believe it.  The fact is that the new Republicans taking office this Wednesday are just as fervently pro-life as they are pro-economic reform, and are also more pro-life than the corporate Republican party has been.

Of the 87 new Republicans in Congress this week, fully 80 are pro-life.  The Tea Party election yeilded over 50 pro-life improvements, including almost 40 pro-life Members replacing Members who voted consistently pro-abortion, plus 14 or so pro-life Members replacing Members with a mixed pro-life voting record.

The SBA List has an exciting profile of the new pro-life members of the U.S. Congress.  
These November winners include many candidates who were endorsed by CatholicVote

SBAL also hosted a forum today for candidates to chair the RNC: all pledged to work with pro-life groups, and added that they support defunding Obama’s abortion industry partner Planned Parenthood. 

So don’t believe the liberal attempt to pit social conservatives against tea party activists.  The first “Tea Party Congress” is one of the most pro-life Congresses ever.



  • John Powers

    mlerc, you must not have been looking very hard if “during the health care debate was that it was hard to find a compassionate Christian, never mind a compassionat conservative”

    Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage for poor and elderly) was put through by the compassionate conservatives. By most measure the program has been a success, coming in under budget by using market based mechanisms to deliver competitively priced prescriptions drugs.

    Tom DeLay lead the plan, George Bush signed it. Though huge, it works better than planned, without funding abortion, bribing Nebraskans, establishing numerous boards and commissions to determine who gets what care (the proverbial death-panels).

    Sensible people can make legislation.




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