Lobbyists? What Lobbyists?!?

Politico‘s Anna Palmer had a piece yesterday entitled “Lobbyists ready for a comeback under Romney“. Palmer’s assertion, of course, is that this would be a change in direction for the pure, lobbyist-free White House of the Obama Administration.

Except that it wouldn’t be.

Fortunately for those who enjoy actual facts in their media, Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner took Palmer’s assertions apart with the precision of a Swiss clock. If a Swiss clock were a terminator. Carney, numbering the lobbyists who have worked for the current administration as he goes, writes:

I bet those Republican lobbyists will get envious stares from the likes of Fannie Mae, Cigna, Credit Suisse lobbyist Laricke Blanchard(4), whom Obama named deputy director of policy for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. Former teachers union lobbyistGabriella Gomez (5) would be jealous – if her job as assistant secretary of Education gave her the time for such self-indulgence. Former crop-industry lobbyist Krysta Harden (6) must be thinking “why couldn’t I get a government job – besides my job as assistant secretary of Agriculture.”

Palmer writes of the possibility of Romney

“Allowing lobbyists back into the White House”

You mean after he kicks out the lobbyists in Obama’s White House like Patton Boggs lobbyist Emmett Beliveau (7), O’Melveny & Myers lobbyist Derek Douglas (8), and Pfizer’s, AT&T’s lobbyist at Akin Gump Dana Singiser (9)?

After listing another 11 lobbyists or corporate consultants working in the Obama administration, including high-profile players like Kathleen Sebelius, Rahm Emanuel, and Leon Panetta, Carney goes on to deliver a finishing blow:

There’s also the precedent of Barack Obama, who brought on registered lobbyists Melody Barnes (20), Jacqueline Barrien (21), William Corr (22), Philip Crowley (23), Patrick Gaspard (24), David Hayes (25), Eric Hirschhorn (26), Sean Kennedy (27), Jon Liebowitz (28), Robert Litt (29), Elisa Montoya (30), Paul Nash (31), Mark Patterson (32), Robert Perciasepe (33), Thomas Perrelli (34), Peter Rundlet (35), Melanie Sabo (36), Susan Sher (37), Nancy Stoner (38), Thomas Strickland (39), Robert Sussman (40), Michael Taylor (41), Karl Thompson (42), John Trasvina (43), Dan Turton (44), Christine Varney (45), Richard Verma (46), William Wilkins (47), and Thomas Zoeller (48), just to name a few.

In all, Carney names 55(!) lobbyists, former lobbyists, or corporate consultants who have been part of the sitting administration. I wonder if that’s even an exhaustive list.

Oh, would that there were a smackdown hall of fame. Carney would have my nomination in a heartbeat.



  • Propaganda All is Phoney

    Uh, how many of these people were corporate lobbyists and how many were lobbyists for civil rights and other citizen organizations? I picked five of the above names at random and found that none of them were corporate lobbyists.

    • Soros Troll Alert

      Liberal TROLL! Begone with your lies!

      • Koch Bros Troll Alert

        Why don’t you show us how many and which of the above are corporate lobbyists. Otherwise, liar begone!

    • I Smell Hypocricy

      Please. This is CatholicVote. The truth does not matter here. What matters is that people have a prejudice against “lobbyists” and that prejudice can be directed at Obama with a little creative writing. Who cares if all the Obama lobbyists were working for organizations like the Red Cross and *GASP* Catholic Charities? The important thing is to create hostility against Obama and gays. Or maybe just gays.

  • CatholicVote is FOR SALE

    This web post was made possible through a generous $10,000 grant from the hate group NOM, who promised to “fan the flames of hostility” between blacks and gays in order to “drive a wedge” between Americans.


      Is “..fan the flames..” an exact quote from the NOM memo that was leaked?

      • I Smell Hypocricy


        • Guest

          I just did a search and did not find that quote from NOM. Just because NOM stands for traditional marriage between one man and one woman does not mean they hate anyone- especially you. Don’t let your hatred consume you.

          • Francine

            Google “NOM fan the flames of hostility” and hundreds of sources come up. Why are you lying in order to protect people that are using catholicism to harm others?

          • Rich

            Seach farther than your navel.
            This is an undisputed fact, and well documented. It was the strategy to create the fighting that would enable the wins they needed.

      • Rich

        Yes Greg it was. I am surprised that people are not aware of this. Are people not paying attention to who is using the Church for their own political gain? How are the faithful so easily led astray? Becasue they are not paying attention.



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