Marriage in New York

Archbishop Dolan’s North Korea analogy has become a belated subject of debate over on my homebase. Some suggest he flubbed in using the analogy, in arguing for the truth, as he sees it (to echo wording here). Actually, I suspect it is because of his commitment to Truth that he did.

And about the belated nature of that debate — it is analogous to the whole debate. I have been getting e-mails all weekend encouraging me to criticize the archbishop for not getting the job done. But he, of course, is not an elected member of the New York State senate. There are many reasons this bill passed Friday, and he is not one of them. The fact that many checked in late to the debate — a debate many would like to avoid — is a big one.

God bless the laity who did labor for marriage in Albany. May they not lose heart.

I suspect George Weigel’s piece today on the New York marriage law will be subject to some conversation, too.

Incidentally, I witnessed friends’ beautiful wedding — and in New York — on Saturday. It is our commitment to prayer and dedication to family that will see us through — and inform our political lives and leadership.



  • Don Derham

    The Archbishop literally abandoned the faithful here in New York. He chose to attend and chair a USCCB confab in Seattle rather than stay here and fight for marriage. In the end, he never traveled to Albany. He phoned in his opposition to a radio show. A lion for the faith would have camped out in Albany in the weeks before the vote. We have, not a lion, but a pussycat.

    And don’t get me started on the Catholic lobbying effort. Well before the vote, I tried to tell their communications director, Dennis Poust, that their efforts were ineffective. I got brushed off with a what-do-you-know attitude. Turns out I knew more than they did.

    Did the bishop screw up on purpose or are they simply inept?



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