“Mary’s Ultrasound” ad campaign draws criticism from pro-aborts in UK

I’m thrilled to see this ad campaign and welcome all the controversy it is causing:

An ecumenical nonprofit in England has come under fire for their upcoming Advent campaign designed to put Christ back into Christmas. Their crime? Creating billboards and posters that show a Baby Jesus as an ultrasound, with a halo. The ads, created by ChurchAds.net say: “He’s on His way. Christmas starts with Christ.”

… The “Baby Scan Jesus” ads are being placed on billboards and posters in churches, retail stores, bus shelters and homes. ChurchAds has also created two clever radio ads: one an airport announcement, the other a humorous telephone message from St. Joseph about the birth of his Son. [Tim Drake at National Catholic Register]

Here’s a sample of the criticism this ad campaign is receiving:

“It gives the impression that it was politically motivated, that they are trying to put across some sort of subliminal message,” said Terry Sanderson, director of the National Secular Society. “The image is too specifically associated with pro-lifers to be seen in a benign context. They should go back to angels and cribs.”

Well, let’s face it, Mary’s virginal conception of the divine Son Jesus Christ is a “pro-life” historical event. Part of the spiritual horror entailed by abortion is that it always takes an innocent, vulnerable human life, just the sort of innocent vulnerability that Christ Himself embraced when he became human for our sake.

Christ was God when he was in the womb of Mary. This is a truth of our faith and of history which has inspired a rich tradition in the Church of honoring the hidden time Jesus spent in the womb of Mary.

If advocates of abortion have a problem with all this, they should lodge a complaint against God’s divine plan, and take up the issue with human embryology.

In the meantime, I pray that more people in England will see these ads.



  • Michelle

    Some people just can’t handle the truth! There is no substance to their argument other than to wine and complain. So pathetic.

  • Laura

    Am I the only one that thinks that the criticism was kind of… pointless? “It gives the impression that it was politically motivated, that they are trying to put across some sort of subliminal message”… huh? subliminal message? is like they didn’t even knew what to say so they came up with the first objection to it that crossed their minds

  • Maria Steiness-Illum

    John, not Jesus, leaped in the womb of Elizabeth on the greeting of Mary
    Sincerely Maria Steiness-Illum

  • susanna

    What a great ad.
    (Prolifers should “go back to angels and cribs” ? – gee, you mean we could? I thought they weren’t PC either.)

  • MikeM

    Even in the UK abortion would be illegal this late in the pregnancy! Christmas is right around the corner… Mary’s already 32 weeks along with the Christ child!


    And, SDG, pro-abortionists are determined to keep women considering abortions away from ultrasounds. They know that the truth is all the “propaganda” the pro-life cause needs.

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