Maureen Dowd: Confession app pushes guilt on gays, lets priests off the hook

Maureen Dowd, in her column last week, tried to sneak in a veiled claim that the iPhone Confession preparation app winks at homosexuality in the priesthood:

Under the Sixth Commandment, men and women are asked: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?” Priests, however, are not. They are asked if they flirt.

Gay bloggers have been up in arms about this app because they claim it “pushes guilt on gays” while somehow suggesting a double-standard for priests. (News flash: the Church is against all homosexual acts, no matter if you wear the Roman Collar or not.)

The rage evidenced by homosexual activists over this app reveals the turning-morality-on-its-head perspective that more and more of them are taking – showing the inversion of values that necessarily follows when you set yourself in opposition to the principles of morality:

“This app is helping to create neurotic individuals who are ashamed of who they are. The creators of this device are the true sinners and they need to confess for the damage they are doing in the name of religion.”

This is ignorance compounded by hate. Most of the gay blogs I came across claim that this app will forgive sins (of course it never says this). And many of them fail to see that the app’s admonition to follow the Sixth Commandment is part of Church teaching (and indeed, the Jewish and Christian tradition) not an “original” insight proposed by the app developers.

Who would have thought that a little app would cause such big complaints?



20 thoughts on “Maureen Dowd: Confession app pushes guilt on gays, lets priests off the hook

  1. bubbabubbos says:

    The Main Stream Media (MSM) is willfully ignorant about the Catholic Church. Most of the media types who have reported that the purpose of the app is to have people confess TO THEIR PHONE are simply making assumptions instead of actually taking the time to educate themselves by making a few phone calls. In my opinion the MSM sees the Church through a purely political lens. A purely left-wing political lens to be exact. The Church’s moral authority is a huge obstacle to their goals, especially regarding relativism and homosexuality. Therefore, they seek every opportunity to oppose the Church’s teachings and defame it instead of making an effort to understand it. Maureen Dowd is simply a high profile example of this phenomenon. Willful ignorance, indeed.

  2. Brian C says:

    Whenever I hear about this app (late night talk show joke, talk radio, TV news) it is spoken of as if it is a replacement for direct confession to a priest. I don’t think I’ve seen one reference to it in the mainstream media that properly references its purpose (preparation for, not replacement of, confession). Never before has it been more clear to me how misunderstood the Catholic Church is to those who are not a part of it.

    1. Greg Smith says:

      Brian: I agree compltely about lack of understanding. Growing up in Anti-Catholic Fresno CA I saw a lot of what your saying ie. “Catholics have have a baby every year for the Pope or they commit a sin,” etc. I fear the internet and it’s cability to viralize urban myths will only make this worse

  3. American Papist says:

    Thom: In the spirit of full disclosure let me a say that I am a big fan of Maureen Dowd’s. IMHO the confession AP is both silly and stupid. I think I’m like most of us, in that I usually confess the same sins over and over (As one priest said -We try, we fail, and we try again) I suppose If I had a lot of new ones I’d write them down on a notepad and shred them immediately after. OTOH, if I got angry and murdered one of my lying, cheating clients, I wouldn’t need an AP or a note pad to remember it. As for the gays, I have a lot of gay activist friends. That blog is one hundreds of gay blogs (like the hundreds of Catholic blogs) and obviously this guy, whom none of my friends heard of, seems to get excited and doesn’t represent LGBT Catholics or non-Catholics. I’m sure there is a question for us late middle aged straight guys to the effect of “Have I looked with lust upon a woman who is not my wife?” One of his commenters actually had a pretty sober comment. The sacrament of Penance has been around for centuries and will be around long after this AP has disappeared.~~~PS – We have a guy in our parish who is sloooooowly coming back into the Church. He
    seriously asked if he could confess by e-mail.

    1. Rod says:

      I don’t have the app and don’t intend to get it. But I first used an examination of conscious pamphlet at an A.C.T.S. retreat and found it helpful. As I understand it, this app is nothing more than that pamphlet in app form. Good for you that you don’t need anything to examine your conscious. Perhaps some of us do. And perhaps if you used it on a regular basis you’d find you sin more than you think. I don’t know…

      But I do find it very interesting you feel this app is “both silly and stupid” and yet you defended the Manhattan Declaration app. I found that app to be “both silly and stupid” myself. In fact, it was downright useless.

      In the end, the comment you quoted is right on the money: “The sacrament of Penance has been around for centuries and will be around long after this AP has disappeared.”

      1. Greg Smith says:

        Rod – Deepest apoligies for the confusion I caused by somehow getting American Papist on the Name Blank: I do, in fact examine my conscience, but don’t take notes. I don’t think most of us do. Do you? As for the Manhatten Declaration goes, I’ve never read it, nor commented on it, though I think Thom has. Again apologies to all for the error.

    2. Greg Smith says:

      Now how the heck did I do that? This comment was by me: Greg Smith, not Thom. Gee, 7 dislikes so fast. Pray tell why? Do you people own stock in Apple.

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