Media Ignores Firebombing a Bus at Catholic School in Rockford, Illinois

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy in Rockford is a highly regarded Catholic Institution committed to

the philosophy of educating the whole person through the formation of the will, the intellect and the character in the light of the Catholic faith. Each student is seen as a precious gift from God whose eternal goal is Heaven.

A School Bus, belonging to the Academy was firebombed on Friday June 16th, but from The Blaze

The local media in Rockford, Illinois, have been virtually silent about a firebomb attack on a Catholic school bus belonging to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy. While the details and fuzzy, here’s what we know: There’s extensive damage to a pro-life bus — a vehicle that is widely-known in the community for showcasing messages on its exterior that defend unborn babies and stand in opposition to abortion.

No one was injured on the bus at the time of the bombing, and the Blaze story should be clarified to note that this was a general use school bus, not some type of campaign vehicle.

A Rockford TV Station has picked up the story, but no coverage in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times.

I know this doesn’t follow the Incumbent Media narrative (that Catholics are baddies), but doesn’t it at least merit some investigation when there is a violent attack against (any) Church Property?  Would Chicago Media have covered this if it had been full of children rather than empty?

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  • Linebyline

    If this were part of some fear-mongering campaign against Catholics, wouldn’t the target have been a church, rather than a school bus?

    Another thing: It would be national news if someone did this to an abortion clinic, or maybe even an empty school bus with pro-choice messages painted on it, but that’s because abortion is the darling of the liberal media. Maybe it’s not so much that this deserves national attention as it is that offenses against the pro-choice get more attention than they deserve.

  • Mara

    There is certainly bias in our country toward the Catholic Church. Sexual abuse cover-up and denial of women’s rights has caused that bias (backlash) and it will be around for a long, long time, perhaps forever. Do I think this would cause the under coverage of this bus bombing? I doubt it. The media likes to cover such events in order to sell papers.

  • SDG

    The “pro-life bus” angle in the Blaze piece–emphasizing the firebombing as an attack on the pro-life position rather than an attack on Catholics–may be connected to the violently anti-Catholic sentiment of many Blaze readers. (See the combox in the Blaze’s coverage of Leah Libresco becoming Catholic.) No idea how friendly or unfriendly Blaze writers/editors are to Catholicism.

    Also, I agree that this would have been a NATIONAL story had it been an attack on a vehicle owned by Planned Parenthood–or for that matter a Muslim or Jewish school.

  • John

    If someone firebombed an abortion clinic, msnbc, maddow, edshow, and half dozen other liberal media outlets would be all over it! The liberal bias in the media (and in our society)is the reason it’s not covered widely.

    • Francis

      Firebombing an abortion clinic would be a very different action. For one thing, destroying a building is generally causes much more damage than a bus. Secondly, it is much more difficult to ascertain that the building is empty, making the action more life-threatening. Also, while bombing an abortion clinic is an obvious anti-abortion statement, it might be more difficult to discover the motivation of the individual who bombed the bus. A disgruntled student? A mentally ill person? Random vandalism? Someone who hates the church? Someone who hates the school? Someone who hates the pro-life message on the bus?

      • John Powers

        Thatbis the point Francis. If the media covers it, perhaps we get those answers.

        • Francis

          So you do not think that the fire and police departments will investigate the matter? Don’t you think that the people who run the school will be anxious to find out who burned their bus? Wouldn’t they want to get to the bottom of this more than anyone else, to assure that their students are safe once school starts again?

          • John Powers

            With some media pressure, we can keep an eye on this. That is the point of the post. Put some pressure on to keep such things from happening again.

          • Francis

            I suppose that could be the case, if this was done by an anti-Catholic or pro-abortion individual or group. If, on the other hand, this is the work of someone with some mental health issues, the publicity could actually result in more fires.

  • Margaret

    Because it was a blatant attack on Catholicism, that’s why. Did you know 43 Catholic institutions filed a law suit against the Obama Administration in a single day? The news media didn’t report that either. Did you furthur know that Planned Parenthood who the Catholic church opposes and Obama supports has been under congressional investigation? The list goes on. I hope you get the point. When it’s Catholic, it’s not covered, period. So apprently it would be newsworthy only if children were hurt or killed according to you. That’s just sick.

    • Francis

      Margaret, as you can see from the evidence provided, this was covered in the news media.

  • Ed Tazelaar, II

    Lets put this thing into the proper perspective instead of trying to turn the situation into some sort of “holy war”. I and most people are totally against “firebombing” not only of a school’s bus, but other pieces of property as well, no matter who the property belongs to.

    We don’t see or hear of every incident that the police and fire departments respond to and that is fine with me and I’m a Catholic that attends St. Edward Church just a couple of blocks north of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy. And let me turn this incident around and ask, does our local media keep us informed of every “firebombing: that goes on in Chicago? Interesting perspective, don’t you think?

    As for the “firebombing of a bus at a Catholic school here in Rockford, I don’t see where that is so “news worthy” that other medias outside the Rockford market would both to pick up such a story. I’m sure that when the police apprehend the responsible person or person’s that we’ll probably see and hear about that via our own local media.

    • John Powers

      Hi Ed,

      Well, this is one way to get the media to pick it up, don’t you think? It is an important story, and needs investigation. It may be just a mindless vandalism, then again it may be part of a campaign to terrorize Catholics. Looking into it seems well advised.

      I am glad that the RRStar picked it up, albeit 3 days after it happened, but more eyes are better on something like this. The media have swept enough stories under the rug that don’t fit their narrative, why let them do it here?




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