Media Ignores Firebombing a Bus at Catholic School in Rockford, Illinois

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy in Rockford is a highly regarded Catholic Institution committed to

the philosophy of educating the whole person through the formation of the will, the intellect and the character in the light of the Catholic faith. Each student is seen as a precious gift from God whose eternal goal is Heaven.

A School Bus, belonging to the Academy was firebombed on Friday June 16th, but from The Blaze

The local media in Rockford, Illinois, have been virtually silent about a firebomb attack on a Catholic school bus belonging to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy. While the details and fuzzy, here’s what we know: There’s extensive damage to a pro-life bus — a vehicle that is widely-known in the community for showcasing messages on its exterior that defend unborn babies and stand in opposition to abortion.

No one was injured on the bus at the time of the bombing, and the Blaze story should be clarified to note that this was a general use school bus, not some type of campaign vehicle.

A Rockford TV Station has picked up the story, but no coverage in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times.

I know this doesn’t follow the Incumbent Media narrative (that Catholics are baddies), but doesn’t it at least merit some investigation when there is a violent attack against (any) Church Property?  Would Chicago Media have covered this if it had been full of children rather than empty?

H/T Eric Odom



  • Tom

    A better question to end the article would have been, “Would Chicago Media have covered this if it had been a bus belonging to a major labor union?” I think we all know the answer to that one.



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