Michelle Obama and the HHS mandate

Today, First lady Michelle Obama – whose husband defends higher taxes, gay marriage and universal healthcare on Biblical grounds – spoke to members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church at a conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The following is just a part of what she said:

Our faith journey isn’t just about showing up on Sunday for a good sermon and good music and a good meal. It’s about what we do Monday through Saturday as well, especially in those quiet moments, when the spotlight’s not on us, and we’re making those daily choices about how to live our lives.

We see that in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn’t limit his ministry to the four walls of the church. He was out there fighting injustice and speaking truth to power every single day. He was out there spreading a message of grace and redemption to the least, the last, and the lost. And our charge is to find Him everywhere, every day by how we live our lives.

Obama added that “anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these issues, you tell them there is no place better. Because ultimately, these are not just political issues — they are moral issues.”

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir noticed right away that this is the exact same argument the Catholic Church is making when it comes to the HHS mandate.

In fact, the first lady’s statement not only runs counter to Princeton Professor Peter Singer’s absurd claim that “Catholicism does not oblige its adherents to run hospitals and universities,” it undercuts the president’s argument that “freedom of religion” is the equivalent of “freedom of worship.”

I’ve been arguing for a while now that progressives are just a guilty as conservatives for reading their faith into public policy, even though Democrats constantly rail against Republicans who reference their religion in the public square. I hope the lack of criticism from the left as well as the media helps people see how empty and hypocritical those claims actually are.

I mean, can you imagine how the media would have reacted had Mrs. Obama been a conservative Christian?

Stephen Kokx is an adjunct professor of political science and featured columnist at RenewAmerica.com. Follow him on twitter @StephenKokx



  • Tess

    The problem is Mrs. Obama thinks her husband is the messiah.

  • Heather

    Thank you. Good point!

  • good website design

    Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this article…

  • Julie T.

    Thank you, Stephen; you express every thought I had when I read an account of Mrs. Obama’s remarks in the newspaper today. I wonder if she realizes her remarks open a door her husband might prefer remained closed…

  • Catholic Grandma

    But it’s dishonest to make such an argument as you fight to to limit people’s freedoms. Bans on same sex marriage limit freedoms of others. The objection to the HHS mandate is to allow them to continue to not allow their workers to add reproductive services to their insurance. That limits people’s freedoms, it doesn’t expand them. All Americans deserve the right to make their own choices about who they marry. All Americans deserve the right to decide what their health insurance covers. This is THEIR life, not ours. I’m very disappointed and I’ve made that clear and spoke about it in my church to applause.

    • Tess

      The church does support “reproductive services” in their healthcare plans. They just don’t think pregnancy is a disease. How is that you talk about healthcare, and the nuts ALWAYS have to bring it back to same sex marriage? That’s a different issue. You don’t get to VOTE on what your healthcare covers…especially if the Democrats have their way and bring us to a single payer system. Then…the gov’t will decide what gets covered. When that day of reckoning comes…you will long for the days of private insurance coverage.

    • whart

      I don’t know what church you attend, but, I’ll pray for your conversion to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

      • CJ1

        You people act like the Catholic Church is now this exclusive club that just because others have a different opinion on politics that they’re automatically kicked out. How sad (not to mention completely wrong).

  • Dog Eat Dog

    If the USCCB isn’t in favor of universal health care on biblical/religious grounds (like you criticize Obama for doing), the Catholic Church should be taxed. BTW, you guys should take a visait on over to the comments section for articles on the subject of health care at the Huffington Post. Won’t be too long before folks are organizing Fortnights for Taxing the Catholic Church. Oh wait, it’s already in motion. That’s blowback.

    • Tess

      The Church has always supported universal healthcare. I don’t, but the church does. All the church is asking for is religious freedom…and apparently, given the dark times we are living in, that is too much to ask.



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