Minnesota Catholics: Call your State Representatives today!

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  • The Minnesota House might vote as early as this afternoon to place a proposed Constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union of one man and one woman before the voters in 2012. The Minnesota Senate has already approved the measure. Even before the House opened at 9 a.m. this morning both supporters and opponents of the amendment were lined up with placards defending their position. Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage is pleading with all Minnesotans to get involved today: “This issue could be taken up by the House of Representatives as early as this afternoon. We urgently need thousands of our supporters to email Republican legislators in Minnesota right away.” Visit this action page at NOM to get involved.
  • On the topic of marriage, you can read my latest column at Headline Bistro: “Same-sex marriage is not inevitable.”
  • And speaking of Minnesota, to no one’s surprise, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will formally announce he’s running for President on Monday with a speech in Iowa.
  • Today marks 60 days since President Obama notified Congress under the War Powers Act that he sent American troops into action against Libya. Jaime Dupree of the Atlanta Journal Constitution notes: “And since the Congress has not authorized such military action, technically, U.S. military action must cease against Libya. So far though, the White House has not said anything publicly about how it will deal with this 60 day time frame, which was put into law during the Vietnam War by the Congress – passed over the veto of President Richard Nixon.”
  • Bill McGurn unloads on Dick Notebaert, Notre Dame’s Chairman of the Board, for defending the decision to invite Roxanne Martino to serve on ND’s Board. Martino gave large sums of cash to Emily’s List, which should disqualify her from serving on the Board, McGurn says. “On the home page of it’s website, Emily’s List asks you to ‘HELP US ELECT PRO-CHOICE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN.’ Pace Mr. Notebaert, this is not a group that ‘also takes’ a view on abortion. Abortion is the issue here. Emily’s List has no other purpose. This is America’s premier group for electing pro-choice Democratic women.  If Ms. Martino in her innocence truly did not realize that elementary fact about an exceptionally well-established political group that she chose to give her money to, is this a person who belongs on a university’s board of trustees? And what does her decision to support that group over several years say about Mr. Notebaert’s claim that she is not pro-choice?”


  • Davide

    Big Question (s) Joshua why has this website been silent on the same-sex “marriage” debate in New York? And why are we pushing for “constitutional” amendments for the recognition only one woman and on man marriages only to have these amendments to be over turned by gay judges or activist judges? Why are we so silent regarding divorce? This is the true scandal affecting traditional marriages. Has the Church given up on divorce? Has the church thrown in the towel regarding divorce and primary focus now is on same-sex “marriages” that any way you slice it is a oxy-moron and no matters what Ceasar says does not exist?


    Dear Joshua ~ Currently, I believe that 18 states and DC have some type of recognition of gay couples; marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships or recognizing those legal relationships formed out of state. To me the issue is not marriage or not, but rather our overall moral obligation to accept our homosexual brothers and sisters as … our brothers and sisters, ….rather than pariahs as they were for so many years. In January of 2004, Glenn Stanton of Focus on Family told USA Today “This isn’t just about the nice lesbian couple next door getting a fair shake.” Most Americans reaction to that statement is likely to be something like “What? Nice people aren’t getting a fair shake? Why that’s wrong and something should be done about it!’ ~ Best regards~Greg Smith



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