Speaking to a Louisiana reporter, President Obama claimed that his HHS Mandate forcing people to cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraception applies to “big Catholic hospitals or universities who employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money.”

This is a false statement. There is no requirement in the Mandate that an entity “receive a lot of federal money,” or any federal money at all, to have its conscience violated. The Mandate applies even if you get zero “federal money.” There is absolutely no connection between the HHS Mandate and federal money. The president’s statement gives the incorrect impression that the Mandate is a string attached to federal money, when in fact it applies just because an entity is in America.

In fact, for 40 years Congress has made it clear that even if Catholic entities get federal money, that does not justify violating their consciences. The president promised to honor that principle when ObamaCare passed, but apparently now he thinks getting federal money provides him a license to attack conscience. In any event, the HHS Mandate has nothing at all to do with getting federal money.



  • Deborah

    Wow, thank you for clarifying. Obama’s comment about receiving money from the federal government didn’t justify anything, but it sure was slick.

  • Bruce

    Obama hates Catholics.

  • Tess

    EWTN, Priests for Life, the Dominican Sisters in Ann Arbor, MI and many others…DO NOT GET FEDERAL FUNDS…yet are affected by the HHS Mandate. Catholics need to wake up. Obama is deliberately trying to close catholic hospitals, universities, charities, and organizations. No other president in the history of this country has ever been as anti-Catholic as this one.

  • Falling Away Catholic

    And if more and more Catholics like me leave the Church because of stridently “smug” zealots like you, you will not be able to maintain the institutions that we and our parents and grandparents played a big role in building. And it any event, it wasn’t suggested that Church institutions that serve a public purpose turn down federal funds but rather agree to abide by the rule of law. And if you think the Church can provide more value than comparable tax dollars, why are you in favor of taking those tax dollars. That’s just plain hypocritical since you think federal funds are the fruit of Mammon.

    • Shawn

      You must not have read what he wrote at all. The HHS mandate affects those that do not receive federal money at all. It also pains me to see when people put their political beliefs before God’s law.

    • Debbie

      And when did remaining true to your church’s teachings and faith turn people into ‘smug zealots’? What we are seeing here is a Western civilization becoming more worldly by the day. Our values have been chipped at so much over the last 40 years that people are confused by what society pressures them to do and think opposed to what the church teaches. In our need to be ‘cool’ with peers, we will often stay silent when the church is criticized unfairly and begin to question our faith. We will all have those moments of doubt and the answer is prayer. We are faced now with a critical moment of faith under pressure. Will we be caving to the anti-Catholic forces of the President and his majority senate or stay true to our faith? Staying true to my faith doesn’t make me a smug zealot. WE want our Catholic institutions to stay open to serve the poor. Our government is now going to make it nearly impossible as we would have to hire only Catholic workers and serve only Catholics- something we’ve never done. We shouldn’t mind Obama’s executive exception for the church was toothless? We all knew it when Stupak and his band of prolife Democrats bit the hook. Now we have to deal with the lie.
      In our city, when the city government has run out of funds for the needy over the holidays and times of trouble, and the Salvation Army has exhausted its funds, it’s the church that picks up the rest. This last year we had extra collections to cover this.
      If our ministries must forego all federal funds and stop functioning because of the mandate, it’s the poor that will suffer. We can’t operate these agencies without paid personnel and with that comes the government mandate/tax. Can’t you see?

  • challenger

    The president’s statement is not a false statement. He merely specifically referenced large — not small, teeny, itsy-bitsy — “Catholic hospitals or universities who employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money.” But in any case, why don’t you inform us of, oh say, five Catholics universities and five hospitals that do not take any federal money whatsoever (including refusing taking student federal Pell funds — good luck on that one). Otherwise, your statement is the one that is false and misleading.

    • Joanna D

      The president’s statement (and your defense of it) also failed to acknowledge that even if the Catholic hospital or university is small and employs NO non-Catholics, it will STILL be forced to violate its own teaching by paying for access to birth control, sterilization and abortifacient drugs and services. In any case, WHY should the president feel complelled to lie (or mislead) the public on this AT ALL?

      • non-visions of joanna

        So, Johanna, how many of these Catholic hospitals and universities employ no non-Catholics? Please try to root your argument in reality. If no such institutions exist (which is the case or they would be violating all sorts of laws against discrimination, then none can be closed.

    • drea916

      Great! So, if we just stop taking federal money, all will be well? Don’t think so. It will still apply. To repeat, the mandate is required of all regardless of if they take federal money.

      BTW, the Catholic Church and her charities and schools have existed long before we started receiving federal money. You seem to very smug, but the Church provides more value per tax dollar than when the government has to do it on it’s own. The government isn’t doing us any sort of favor, the Church is helping the government. If we “go away” you’ll miss us! The poor will suffer the most.

  • Thomas Gullickson

    Bravo! Nothing like a little clear thinking to cut through the “fog”. I hope lots of folks read your clarification.



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