Speaking to a Louisiana reporter, President Obama claimed that his HHS Mandate forcing people to cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraception applies to “big Catholic hospitals or universities who employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money.”

This is a false statement. There is no requirement in the Mandate that an entity “receive a lot of federal money,” or any federal money at all, to have its conscience violated. The Mandate applies even if you get zero “federal money.” There is absolutely no connection between the HHS Mandate and federal money. The president’s statement gives the incorrect impression that the Mandate is a string attached to federal money, when in fact it applies just because an entity is in America.

In fact, for 40 years Congress has made it clear that even if Catholic entities get federal money, that does not justify violating their consciences. The president promised to honor that principle when ObamaCare passed, but apparently now he thinks getting federal money provides him a license to attack conscience. In any event, the HHS Mandate has nothing at all to do with getting federal money.



  • Kathleen Foley

    I don’t disagree with Matt Bowman’s statement but I’m unable to access the video with Obama’s statement. I’ve tried and all I find is the picture – no sound – no video. I see what he is quoted as saying but why offer a video that doesn’t back that up? Is this just a problem on my computer?

    I would also like to add a concern that we all seek God’s help – in the Name of Jesus – that H.R. 1179 will be passed to at least correct the conscience rights of all medical people to be able to refuse what they find morally unacceptable.

    • Amanda

      Kathleen, you need to click on the word Speaking, it is linked to the video. Peace and Joy! Amanda



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