Mississippi might soon be abortion clinic-free.

Baby FeetThere is only one abortion clinic in Mississippi, and that one may be about to shut down.

According to an article at Mother Jones the law recently passed by Mississippi requiring doctors at abortion clinics to have official admitting privileges at a local hospital has proven to be just too-high a hurdle to overcome.

They didn’t outlaw abortion, they just recognize that abortion has a not-insignificant risk of other health complications, so the doctor performing the procedure should be able to admit a woman to the hospital should something go awry.

It’s kind of like not outlawing guns, but making it darn difficult to acquire ammunition. A gun without ammo is an expensive paper weight. An abortion clinic without an abortionist has the chance to become something worthwhile. Like a storage facility for empty boxes.

The two doctors at the last clinic—who travel in from out of state—have applied to numerous hospitals but have not been approved yet.

According to the article:

The doctors’ applications have been rejected by every hospital they’ve approached. Two hospitals wouldn’t let them apply at all. Five others denied the applications for “administrative” reasons, before even completely reviewing the doctors’ qualifications. Their rejection letters cited their policies regarding abortion and “concern about disruption to the hospital’s business within the community.”

So the hospitals have their own approval process and each one has rejected the application, if only for “concern about dirsuption to the hospital’s business within the community.”

In other words, the people there don’t want those sorts of “doctors” (you know, the kind who bring death rather than healing) coming around.

If I didn’t like snow so much I might be interested in moving to either Texas, where the economy continues to soar, or Mississippi, where they seem to prefer life to death.



  • Roy Connelly

    This is the best news I read today! Thank you so much Tom for sharing this great information!


  • abadilla

    I know to a lot of people this news is a form of regression rather than progress, but I will never be able to see the destruction of the unborn as “progress” and I will always be able to see the protection of the unborn as progress.

  • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

    J.M.J. Thank you, Mr. Crowe, for this good news on the Feast of St. Andrew. May this development continue unabated.



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