Mitt Romney on the Second Anniversary of Obamacare, HHS Mandate

In an interview with NRO’s Bob Costa this week, the former governor of Massachusetts said:

“I believe the bill is unconstitutional, in addition to being wrongheaded. My own view is that if the Supreme Court does not [overturn the law], then we will be required to take that action if I’m president.”

Romney recognizes that health care will be a major issue in the fall campaign, and though some conservatives are wary of the health-care program he shepherded in Massachusetts, he asserts that his experiences will boost, not hurt, his chances in a general election. “I like being able to point out that I’m a person who understands health care and who understands the wisdom of the Tenth Amendment, allowing states to create or remove their own solutions, should they choose to do so, ” he says. Repealing and replacing Obamacare, he says, remains his top policy priority.

But he won’t rest his case on repeal. Should he win the nomination, Romney will offer voters a multifaceted health-care argument that includes challenging the administration on religious-liberty issues. The Obama administration, he says, by forcing religious institutions to provide health-care coverage of contraception, has been openly hostile to faith groups, and he pledges to stand with social-conservative leaders as they tangle with the president and his allies.

“There are many within this administration, and many within the liberal community, who have disdain for religious tolerance and seek to restrict it,” Romney says. “I think there are some who would prefer installing a secular society of sorts.” He calls the contraceptive mandate “one more example of an administration that’s not friendly to religious conscience and religious diversity.”

This was not the first time he expressed his alarm at what is happening to religious freedom in America.


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  • Bern in RI

    Honestly, Kathryn, I think Romney has well-earned the accusation of being a flip-flopper!

    I work in Boston (finance) and, of course, I have excellent employer-provided health insurance! I pay 25% of the monthly premiums and any co-pays. In addition my employer provides a self-insurance plan that pays for anything that our primary insurer does not pay for. I am fortunate and have nothing to complain about, unlike those who work for crappy employers (Walmart?) who provide crappy health insurance for their employees!

    Further, it looks like you from this post are attempting to climb onto the Romney bandwagon, realizing that Rick Santorum, endorsed by CatholicVote.Org is simply not going to be the GOP nominee for president. And, no, he is not going to be the endorsed candidate for vice president either!

    If mandatory health insurance is OK in Massachusetts, why is it not OK for the entire country?

    I have travelled to Switzerland frequently to visit friends over the last 40 yrs (they travel often to the USA) so a couple of years ago I questioned them about health insurance in Switzerland. Here is the story, keeping in mind Switzerland is, um, not exactly a hotbed of liberalism.

    Health insurance is mandatory! The Swiss health care system is completely private; no, it’s not socialized medicine! You buy basic coverage from private insurance companies. Costs about what it costs here in the USA. The insurance companies cannot make a profit of basic coverage but they can make a profit on offering additional services, say, private rooms, etc.

    The Swiss Federal Government provides a subsidy to those who cannot afford to pay the full premium.

    Why wouldn’t this work in the United States?



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