Mitt Romney stresses importance of religious liberty in his EWTN interview

Raymond Arroyo interviewed Mitt Romney on the World Over last night. And he made it clear that a Romney administration would be supportive of religious liberty. Here’s an excerpt:

Raymond Arroyo: The Catholic community in this country and people across the faith spectrum were outraged by President Obama’s HHS Mandate – requiring abortifacients and contraceptives to be made available to employees. It set off protests by the Catholic bishops and individual people of faith. What will do as president about that HHS Mandate?

Governor Romney: Well, first of all I’ll continue to meet with to Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan [of New York and President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops] – who by the way is going to offer the benediction on the last evening of the Republican Convention after my acceptance speak. So I am making it very clear that the interest of religious freedom is something I support wholeheartedly and will work with him and with others to assure that each piece of legislation that we consider is thought also in terms of its impact on religious freedom and tolerance. This is a nation where our first freedom is the right to worship God as we choose, and any effort on the part of the federal government to intrude on religious liberty and to reject tolerance in favor of a government mandate is a violation of that first freedom.

Here’s the whole interview:



  • Alina

    I want to say something to Not a Romney Tax Dodger Fan. Think a little bit in your reasons to support the current president and not a gentleman like Mr. Romney.
    1. By means of abortion, this government is killing thousands of unborn Americans per month. Listen, that Team USA uniforms where bought abroad? Is that a reason for you to support Democrats? You are alive, but thanks to the sad decision made by this government to support contraceptives and abortion, other Americans, the unborn Americans, are being silently killed every single day. These babies cry out from the bottom of their hearts, but people like you don’t listen. Please be serious.
    2. Our children are not allowed to hear about God in their schools and public places because this government is following guides from foreign socialist countries. Don’t you realize that the current government is importing from overseas and ideology that is unnatural to us as a nation. We are ruled by God, for God, and in God, remember that. Team USA uniforms? Please growth and vote for Romney.

  • Mike

    Mitt Romney is awesome – the right man for this extremely difficult time. His decision to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate gives Catholics the voice and leadership that America needs. There is hope – Catholics will help decide this election and President Obama has consistently shown he has no interest in our most pressing issues.

  • yankeeredneck

    This is another attempt by Democrats to indict Romney for something that Bain Capital invested in after he left:
    “By the time Bain Capital had made the investment in Stericycle, he had left the firm to run the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.”

    • Not a Romney Tax Dodger Fan

      If you’re at all open to reality, yankeeredneck, you might want to do a little more research to find out if what you wrote is really true. You might want to consider the extent to which Mitt actually continued to play a major role at Bain even as he was involved with buying foreign made uniforms for Team USA. Just because you read in a few places that he was no longer involved in Bain decision making doesn’t necessarily make it true. There is more than enough out there on the net to indicate that he remained very involved in Bain even after he now claims he wasn’t. And you might want to considerm, too, recent revelations how he most certainly played a major role in devising an arcane strategy to dodge taxes at Bain.

  • Nerina

    Why can’t Gov. Romney just say “I’d overturn the mandate.”? His answer to Raymond seems weasely with the whole “right to worship” v. freedom of relgion talk. Romney had the chance to knock this out of the park with a simple, declarative sentence and he didn’t. What risk would he have taken by coming out against the mandate in clear terms? I’m also disappointed to see that Ryan’s pro-life stance has been tempered by the Romney campaign. Now he (Ryan) looks like a sell-out. Boy, if Romney was looking for a way to tamp down enthusiasm, he did it.

  • kgoldy

    Just saw on the news that gawker released some documents from Mitt Romney and that he holds a major investment in a company called “stericycle.” This company collects aborted fetuses and disposes of them. So while Mitt Romney is publicly claiming to be against abortion, he is currently making money and profiting off abortion in secret. Just curious if this affects CV’s endorsement of this candidate? Do you think Archbishop Dolan should still go to Tampa and give the closing prayer when the Republicans nominate the presidential candidate that profits from disposing of aborted children?

    • Sandy

      What! I did not believe this comment, but it looks like this is true. Gawker has documents showing that Romney is hiding money in offshore accounts and he does indeed have an interest in this despicable company that profits off murdering children. This is sickening.

      • whart

        It’s Gawker. Left-wing Liberals. Nuff said.

    • Caroline

      The Stericycle site indicates that it does various things, among which is disposal of “medical waste.” A murdered child’s body? NOT medical waste. However, the case is that hospitals do this.

      So Stericycle is not an “aborted baby disposal company.” Where does the fault lie? With the hospitals or with Stericycle? They know some of what they are disposing of is the bodies of children, but I mean, your local garbageman can’t really control what people put in the bin (though Stericycle is arguably different since they KNOW hospitals do what they’re doing).

      I’m not in a position to say; and we shouldn’t even have to answer such a question. The hospitals, their employees, and anyone involved in the procurement of the abortion (sometimes the mother isn’t actually the most culpable party, if I read the Catechism correctly) obviously bear the most blame, but I’m not quick to say Stericycle is innocent. But this comment strikes me as sort of narrow because it does portray Stericycle as an “aborted fetus disposal company”…

      • CatholicDad

        Did a little digging and it appears stericycle does indeed service a number of abortion clinics and they do handle biological waste, which would include aborted fetuses. I don’t know where you got your information, but here’s the proof:

        • Caroline

          Hi CatholicDad,

          While I’m not such a reader of Mother Jones, thank you for filling me in. I looked at the website and, while they really are not strictly an “aborted fetus disposal company,” it should have occurred to me that they might service abortion “clinics.” A pro-life company would have to refuse service to that sort of establishment, since people deserve a proper burial. Beyond Stericycle, not sure how remote or direct Mr. Romney’s cooperation would be considered; would leave that to someone better-versed in these matters. Thanks for your input.

  • Vernizos
    • Parley P. Pratt

      Why didn’t Raymond Arroyo ask Romney about the Mormon prophets and apostles’ writings in which a certain religion is cast as the abominable church, the whore of the earth, whore of Babylon, harlot mother, church of the devil, etc? Why didn’t Arroyo ask Romney if he believes that when he dies and finds himself in the highest level of heaven that he will be the god of his own universe? And finally, why didn’t Arroyo ask Romney why he supports the right of a woman to opt for an abortion in the case of incest and rape? So much for non-partisanship.

      • Javier R

        Nobody is denying that Mormonism is false. But Mormons do share some of the moral values that we Catholics hold dear. Mormons are against same-sex marriage. We saw that in California with Proposition 8. They are pro-family. They believe in religious freedom. About the abortion issue, true, he supports abortion in case of incest or rape. Obama supports abortion in any case. One is bad the other is worst. I’d rather choose for bad in the hope that Romney eventually see that abortion is morally wrong no matter what than Obama supporting abortion and making us pay for it through Obamacare.

        • Your Evil is Better than the Other Guy’s?

          So, you are arguing that Romney is the lesser of two evils. Christ’s example and message was one of non-cooperation with evil. Any evil. Period. When you vote, consider your immortal soul.



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