Mourdock’s Walk On the Wild Side

There are days, like today, where I’m quite certain I’ve stepped into Fringe’s parallel universe. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for stories like the one about Richard Mourdock.

Speaking Logically=Candidates Gone Wild

For those of you who haven’t seen the CV memo or heard the buzz on Facebook, some folks in the press are gnashing their teeth and rending their garments because a Republican senatorial candidate in Indiana took a little walk on the wild side, having the nerve to say that all life is a gift from God, even those lives that are conceived through the horrible tragedy of rape.

The Corner has a delightful little list of headlines hitting the wires about the statement. Do check it out if you have time. My favorite, hands down, though, is this one from Salon: “Richard Mourdock—Misogynist.”

This is the stuff that gets me all dizzy and confused and looking for portholes back to my own universe.

You see, in my universe, recognizing that there is no inherent difference between a child conceived by rape and a child conceived within a loving marriage isn’t misogynistic. It’s logical. Sort of like adding two plus two and getting four.

Also in my universe, there is real misogyny worth getting worked up about—misogyny like the blatant sexualization of young girls taking place in our culture today (which I address here in a story for OSV).

If reporters really want to get their knickers in a bunch about misogyny, perhaps they could worry more about companies peddling push up bras to six-year-olds and less about faux controversies whose shock value hinges purely on taking some poor man’s statement out of context.

But that’s not what they want. All the outrage over Mourdock’s “misogyny” and the cries about Republicans’ continued “war on women”? That’s faux too. Those doing the shrillest shrieking aren’t really outraged over the assertion that one life is as precious as the other.

What they’re outraged over is the assertion that the life in the womb is actually a life, that it is precious, that it is sacred.

The pro-abortion movement has built its entire case on the utterly illogical idea that a child in the womb is only a life, deserving of protection, if it is wanted. And if it’s not wanted, for whatever reason, then it’s not a life. It’s not a child. It’s just a clump of cells.

In effect, proponents of abortion have made a god out of the mother, attributing to her the power to confer dignity and meaning on the child in her womb.

But mothers aren’t gods. Only God is God. Only God creates life. Only God can will life into being. And that’s why all life has dignity and meaning. Because of him. We certainly do our bit to help him out. But our wanting or not wanting the life we helped create, doesn’t make it any more or any less of a life. It doesn’t make it any more or any less of a child, possessing a dignity greater than the angels and deserving of our love.

Of that simple logic, Mourdock reminded people. Which is why the pro-abortion voices in the media have gone to DEFCON One. To proponents of abortion, logic is a dangerous thing. In any rational universe, that much is perfectly clear.



  • JackB

    Emily, with the likes of Mourdock, Akin and others it takes not a rocket scientist to reveal the terrible situation my old GOP has placed themselves with women. “Legitimate rape”, in today’s technology, a woman can reject pregnancy and “it is God’s plan when a rape occurs”.

    Gov. Bobby Jindal said it clearly “we must stop being the stupid party”. I say there must be a litmus test to become a Republican. Bob Dole says “the GOP is closed for repairs”. Phase one of thosr repairs if to give McConnell a face lift. Most Tea Partiers like Michelle Bachmann trip over their dogma witth her “pray gay away”.

  • RU Kidding

    Just wondering what Universe you do live in.
    You really want to place your reputation on supporting this idiot.
    Well I am glad you enjoy using simple logic to complex realities.
    You have really gone of the deep end here.

  • I’m Broke Every Wednesday

    I’m just trying to see where this logic takes us.

    If I get inebriated and drive over and kill or maim a pedestrian, is that God’s will too?

    If I commit armed robbery and my gun accidentally goes off and the bullet ricochets and hits someone innocent, is that God’s will?

    Are all side effects of evil acts God’s will?

    If I run for Governor of a state as a pro-abortion candidate and then change my my stripes am I pro-life or just a shameless opportunist? Or is that just God’s will, too?



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