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I’ll admit to being surprised that sent an email out today calling for fasting. At first I thought it was an April Fool’s Day prank. After all this was the same organization that had a web ad featuring Pope Benedict XVI holding a gavel in front of the Supreme Court saying: “God already has a job, he does not need one on the Supreme Court.”  (Yet, neither one was an April Fools Joke.)

Here’s a snippet from’s email:

When Congress can seriously debate forcing veterans into homelessness and cutting food aid to pregnant women and children, while giving tax breaks to billionaires, something is very, very wrong.

That’s why this morning, I joined, along with the heads of seven other major progressive organizations, in an ongoing fast launched by religious leaders to protest the brutal and unjust budget cuts being debated in Washington. 

Those who will go hungry because of these cuts are largely invisible to decision-makers in Congress. By fasting in solidarity, we have an opportunity to make their suffering visible, and expose the immorality of this policy. 

I just can’t take this seriously. You would think based on this email that House Republicans are slashing the size of the federal government in half. Hardly. House Republicans are trying to cut $61 billion. Sounds like a lot? The budget is $3.456 trillion or to put in another way: 3,456 billion dollars. How can cutting 61 out of 3,456 billion be considered draconian? It’s more like a modest, if not tiny, cut in spending. If we can’t cut $61 billion from this bloated federal budget then I fear we’re heading toward Greece-style bankruptcy.



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    I am Catholic. I am also liberal. I eat meat, and not fancy organic meat, but plain ole grocery store meat, or meat off my mother’s (hormone and anti-biotic free) farm. Just thought I’d clear that up, seeing as how Repubs and Tea Partiers get so upset about all the sweeping generalizations that get made about them while they seem to be ok with making generalizations about Liberals, and you know that this sort of talk is not only divisive, but WRONG. Generalizations are another sort of smoke and mirrors way to divide us. I’m also the mother of 3, a step-mother to one, and the wife of a disabled vet.

    These cuts are cutting help to the poor, period. You should be ashamed for supporting these cuts, and for making fun of’s call for a fast to support the poor. I would think that someone who cares so deeply about religion, and thus Jesus, would be more supportive to help care for the destitute, the young, and the sick. It is in the best interest of this country’s future to continue to erase the economic line between the poor and the rich for many many reasons. Hungry kids suffer in schools and don’t do as well. People cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars a month to heat their homes. WIC provides formula to low income infants, as well as incredible breast-feeding support, nutritional information, and teaches people how to feed their kids healthy meals without breaking the bank. WIC does not provide a families sole source of food. Kids age out at 5. A record amount of Americans are on food stamps. PBS is a hugely important source of educational material for small children that doesn’t have advertising dollars attached to it.

    This is a morality issue, not a political one. We should not take away from those that need it most. I AM fasting for 2 meals a day until someone with some logic, some common sense, and some caring does something about this budget. I don’t care if Government shuts down. You don’t see any of them forgoing their salary, do you? No, it’s the little people who get screwed, including our military members. All the thousands of government WORKERS will not get paid, and this does not include senators or representatives. They still get paid. It’s ridiculous, it’s hyperbole, and it’s all shady little lies aimed at being divisive. And yes, GE did make billions last year while not paying a single cent of taxes, as did many other corporations. This is disgusting.

    There are other places to cut money out of the budget. Defense is one of those. Also, we should not be cutting taxes for the wealthy, or for corporations. Honestly, I don’t mind paying reasonable taxes. I don’t think I deserve a $4,800 return just because I popped out some babies and we’re poor. It makes no sense to me.



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