Must-Read: Archbishop Chaput on How to Save the Culture

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Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, in an essay at Public Discourse,  outlines a clear and concise plan of action for one of our most pressing tasks as 21st century Christians – converting the culture in which we live.

In a short piece that will take you five minutes to read, Archbishop Chaput sets out a goal that will take you a lifetime to accomplish.  Indeed, the charge he bestows is for each of us our life’s work, for in the end it is quite simply living the Gospel within the cultural and political reality of our times.

It involves at the same time fighting in the trenches of politics while loving in the heart of the home, and changing laws while changing hearts and minds.

Above all, it involves seeking Christ.

“It’s in seeking Jesus Christ with all our hearts that culture is built and society is renewed. It’s in prayer, the sacraments, changing diapers, balancing budgets, preaching homilies, loving a spouse, forgiving and seeking forgiveness—all in the spirit of charity—that, brick by brick, we bring about the kingdom of God.”

Read the rest here.

And then get started.

  • Jeff

    The UDHR has too many problems to be used as a moral example. It sounds great until you get to about article 22. Then it becomes quite socialist. It does not align with the values of CatholicVote or its supporters.

  • Rich

    Of course I didn’t have to read too far into the discourse to find marriage equality singled out as immoral. If the CC chooses to fight politically the advance of ME then the Church must be prepared to accede the battle when civil courts of law (state, federal, appellate and SCOTUS) ultimately rule that gays have a constitutional right to marriage. I suspect that the CC recognizes that it’s battle with the constitution is not winnable (IMHO). I suspect that the CC prays that its definition of morality with respect to marriage will win the day. But I believe that the CC’s moral perception of ME is, in addition to being wrong, not applicable to courts of law that consider foremost, the Constitution. So, out of respect for a difference of opinion about marriage equality, please refer to those of us who are married with civil respect. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Caroline, I agree. The bishops have failed to attract people to lives of holiness. Perhaps they should follow Bishop Chaput’s example and stop promoting population control and calling it charity.

  • Kevin

    I find the reference to UDHR peripheral to the basic argument/essay. Perhaps a second reading without the simple dismissal would be warranted.

  • Caroline

    I’m sorry, but when someone gives credence to the UDHR developed by a council that consists of a den of human rights abusers, I stop listening. What would Jesus do? Probably steer clear of the UN and it’s so-called Human Rights Council.



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