Must-Read +Chaput: On the Devil and Politics, and on Bishops and Communion

I will never tire of saying this: read everything Archbishop Chaput writes.

The Public Discourse has published an essay adapted from a recent keynote address he gave at the University of Notre Dame’s student-organized pro-life lecture series:

A healthy democracy depends on people of conviction working hard to advance their ideas in the public square—respectfully and peacefully, but vigorously and without apologies. We cannot simultaneously serve the poor and accept the legal killing of unborn children.

… We need to remember that most people—not everyone, of course, but most of us—root our moral convictions in our religious beliefs. What we believe about God shapes what we think about the nature of men and women, the structure of good human relationships, and our idea of a just society. This has very practical consequences, including the political kind. We act on what we really believe. If we don’t act on our beliefs, then we don’t really believe them. [Continue reading…]

Also, CNS reports that during the Q&A Abp. Chaput spoke frankly about the need for bishops to be more unified on the issue of Communion and pro-abortion public figures:

“There is unity among the bishops about abortion always being wrong, and that you can’t be a Catholic and be in favor of abortion — the bishops all agree to that — but there’s just an inability among the bishops together to speak clearly on this matter and even to say that if you’re Catholic and you’re pro-choice, you can’t receive holy Communion,” Archbishop Chaput said.

Individual bishops probably do take such a stand privately more often than anyone knows, the archbishop noted, and he said he is not in favor of refusing Communion without giving private notice ahead of time to the person. He emphasized, however, that Catholics who support keeping abortion legal should be told that they will not be given Communion, and not to present themselves to receive. [Continue reading… (link fixed)]

As I said, read everything he writes. This is a good chance to start catching up!





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