My appearance on Jeopardy! [Video]

I’ve always thought it would be fun to appear on Jeopardy. But God sometimes has a funny way of answering prayers.

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the country not a creature was stirring, except for the few souls who were watching Jeopardy that night.  They were greeted with this:

Be sure to phrase your comment in the form of a question! :-)



9 thoughts on “My appearance on Jeopardy! [Video]

  1. Melissa Flood says:

    I responded “What is Catholic?” because I am :-) Unfortunately for me, Larry beat me to the buzzer on the Novena question. Blessings! Missy (the contestant)

  2. Joe L. says:

    Rodney is correct. Dis she say What is Catholic or What is catholic. There is a difference.

    1. Jack Mason says:

      What’s your point as it relates to Thomas’ post?

  3. Jack Mason says:

    Way Cool! Congrats!

    1. Eden Bennett says:

      That was my mom. Im gonna do teen Jeopardy

  4. Rodney Galles says:

    What is a Roman Catholic?

    1. Jack Mason says:

      A Roman Catholic is an individual who considers herself or himself as Catholic and moves around a lot: “roman.”

    2. px says:

      No — because “Roman” refers to the particular rite. There are Eastern Catholic churches (Byzantine Catholic, Ruthenian Catholic, etc) in communion with the pope too, who are not “Roman”. Additionally, Eastern Catholic rites are distinct from the Eastern Orthodox (who are not Catholic.)

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