“My bad. Turns out: No, We Can’t.”*

The biggest lesson our President, elected on a platform of HOPE and CHANGE, has learned in the last three and a half years?

“You can’t change Washington from the inside.”


Why then, in heaven’s name, is he running for reelection?

Is he looking to remain part of the problem? Is he looking to maintain the status quo? The rancor? The unfettered racking up of debt? The disaster of a foreign policy? The demagoguery? The “us vs. them,” “I won.” rhetoric?

Even if you are the sort who truly believes the Republicans are entirely and solely to blame, his own admission ought to inspire you to demand he get out of Washington so he can truly CHANGE it from the outside!

"Really, my biggest failure is not getting my handicap below 10, but it isn't for lack of trying! Maybe I can change that, along with Washington from 'the outside.'"

Seems that by his own admission, if he is still intent to CHANGE Washington, he should resign or actively work to lose the election so that he is no longer the most inside of the insiders of Washington.

I mean, it’s logical, isn’t it?

(Also important: He plays to the audience by saying failure to pass immigration reform is his biggest failure. Not increasing the debt to $16 trillion, nor presiding over the most anemic recovery since the Great Depression. Not seeing the percentage of the American population actively taking part in the job market dwindle to 63.5% (the lowest since 1981—remember who was President from January ’77 through January ’81?). Not alienating historic allies and making us weaker around the world. Not presiding over the first ever credit downgrade of the United States. Not inspiring and signing the largest tax increase in history. No, his biggest failure was failing to pass immigration reform.)

Roll the tape:

*A (hopefully) helpful paraphrase.



65 thoughts on ““My bad. Turns out: No, We Can’t.”*

  1. Jeffrey Raum says:

    As soon as he came to Washington, the republicans were stopping him? He had complete control for two years! Well, it must have been Bush’s fault!

    1. Fruit of the Beehive says:

      Can somebody here inform me where it is possible to purchase official Mormon underwear? What a great church fundraising idea. Everyone needs at least seven pairs of underwear, tops and bottoms. Imagine all the money that could be made to support our cause if we copied the Mormons.

      1. Hmmm….don’t know about fundraising because their undergarments are worn for a symbol…the armor of GOD Eph. 6:13-19. Maybe we should just follow our church teaching and wear a crucifix everyday.

      2. abadilla says:

        Is this what passes for decent political discourse today? Shame on you, your bigotry is showing. I don’t agree with Mormon theology, but I certainly would never ridicule them in private or publicly.

  2. Tammy Dowell says:

    We are screwed either way… One will continue to put us in debt, the other says ones like my grandmother who is among his precious 47% does not concern him, I wish there was a REAL candidate to choose from. But now we have to determine who is the lesser evil. wow what a position our future government has placed the people in. Obamacare, while sounds so good has forced more and more people to the medicaid line, and Romney says those votes do not matter. Hmmm God Bless America??? I pray he has mercy on us.

    1. KT1 says:

      Romney did NOT say the 47% do not CONCERN him- he said the 47% who do not pay taxes will not be interested in hearing him speak about lowering taxes! DUH. If you don’t pay federal taxes why would you be interested in lowering a tax you do not pay. He also said he cares about all Americans. Get your head out of the sand and read from several websites and journals-conservative, catholic, and liberal- instead of believing everything the Daily Kos tells you to believe.

  3. Sir Robert says:

    This is a good point that I completely blew off as just another “no duh” moment in the Obama America. He admitted he cannot do what over half the country voted him into to do (or so I hear). WHAT ARE THEY EXPECTING HIM TO DO FOR ANOTHER TERM! Holy cow! This is blatant! Presidents, no matter how well they sing Al Green songs, just deserve a second term. The average number of years a president serves in office (averaging all presidental terms) is just over 5 years. We do not owe this president anything…especially after he ADMITS he cannot do what he was elected to do. Oh Mylanta!

    1. Little Lord Fauntleroy says:

      Sir Robert, you are so right! Tally-ho! But then, if Obama can’t change anything, why should we be so hot and bothered, with our knickers all up in a twist? And please send my highest regards to our good benefactor, Thurston Howell Romney III when you get a chance, hey wot? Toodle-loo.

      1. Sir Robert says:

        Please…speak English.

  4. Willard Mitt Romney’s spray tan for his appearance on Spanish language TV was absolutely hilarious. Did he think that darker skin would court a few more Latino voters? That’s not racist at all. Maybe CatholicVote should write a post about his utter failure as a candidate. Smirking after the speech he gave following the deaths of the embasador; saying he’s going to abandon 47% of America, diminsishing voters to nothing except skin color. He’s kind of embarrassing and unchristian. I almost forgot:’tying his dog to the roof of the car and driving hundreds of miles to go on vacation while the dog defeates in fear. Yeah, this is totally someone that should be running our country.

    1. MLsouth says:

      “saying he’s going to abandon 47% of America” WOAH!! That’s quite a spin from what he really said. Holy cow. No wonder the rest of your comment makes no sense. Shesh. You need to watch the video, not get your processed mush from the main stream media.

        1. John says:

          What about processing the mush from an online action group?

          1. MLsouth says:

            Truth is not mush, it’s just hard to process for you guys. But you will get better at it! ;0)

        2. MLsouth says:

          Well,then you were not paying attention. Watch again. He did not say he did not care about 47% of Americans. But I guess it’s hard to see the truth when you are so bent on supporting a president who has been an utter failiure, as he has now admitted himself. He promise a change that not even he was able to accomplish.

        3. Southern says:

          Did you watch the whole video or just the short clip played on the news? If you listen to the whole video, which is actually quite interesting, what Romney was stating was in reference to who his campaign message was going to focus on, to which he stated that he knew that 47% of americans we going to vote for Obama no matter what, and that it was not his job to “worry about” getting the votes of that 47% in reference to his campaign efforts, because that 47% was not going to change their mind. They were loyal Obama supporters, no matter what. That is a far cry from “he does not care for 47% of Americans”, which is what the media is tryting to spin and the message that you most likely are hearing out there. (of course his comment about them feeling like victims was lame and not appropriately stated, but regardless of his lack of eloquence, there is some truth to it, in the sense that these people feel entitled to get everything for FREE or that government should care for them. I see that every day at work and hear about it all the time. It’s sad, but true that we live in an entitlement culture where many people think everyting is FREE because that is how they have grown up). It would help if you watched the videos from CSPAN so as to block out all media spin and just get the facts for yourself. That is what I have been doing this election and it has greatly helped me in making my own informed decisions. From all that I have been listening to, I can see that Romney wants the best for ALL americans, regardless of their political afiliation. He wants prosperity, he wants us to live up to our own potential, he wants a balanced budget, he wants a strong military, and he wants resposibility in Washington. He is he man for the job!! I will be praying for you that you can see the facts clearly and hopefully vote for Romney in November my friend!! :0)

        4. DA says:

          And did you hear the two minutes that were “inadvertently” deleted? You aren’t biased at all are you?

          1. ifollowHATE says:

            I did. Doesnt’ change anything.

          2. Anna says:

            I guess then you heard, but you weren’t really listening. When a person has a closed mind about something, there’s no changing it. Isn’t that what Romney meant when he said he wasn’t going to worry about the 47% of voters? They can hear something but they just don’t want to have their minds changed. I understood exactly what he said.

      1. abadilla says:

        “You need to watch the video.” And you need to stop believing the lying pro-Obama media who loves to point out anything Romney says but is perfectly content with hiding the ugliness of the President’s words. Who do you think the media favors for the presidency? Obama or Romney? Come on, that is not a hard choice!
        The Romney video was not shown in its entirety and that was NO accident.

    2. Greg Smith says:

      Louis ~ I agree with you that Romney dyed his face brown to court the Latino vote Also, Non-President Obama’s 18 year old single mother slipped in and out Kenya to have him and then sneaked in the the state records room, altered his birth certificate because she know he’d run for president some day. Also Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster. ~ Greg

      1. DA says:

        OMG are you serious? His grandfather and other ancestors were from Mexico! Do you think they were fair-skinned? No, Mitt doesn’t resort to spray tan like good old Joe “Botox” Biden.

        1. GREG SMITH says:

          DA – I was being facetious! FYI – Romney’s grandfather moved to Mexico to practice polygamy. His ancestors are of European stock. This whole thing is is a distraction from the issues in the race. Pax, Greg

          1. ifollowHATE says:

            How is racism not an issue in the presidential election?

          2. Tom Crowe says:

            How is it an issue?

        2. ifollowHATE says:

          His grandfather FLED to Mexico so that he could keep his eight wives. Romney is as white as I am black.

          1. Tom Crowe says:

            On your second sentence: Wow, incredibly important and insightful statement… that advances the conversation not one iota. You are correct, assuming you really are black, but so what?

          2. John says:

            Why does it matter? This racist bigotry has no place in our country today.

      2. John says:

        Really, Greg? She knew ahead of time that her son would be president so she went though many hoops to make sure that her child would reach the presidency? What sort of Kool-Aid are you drinking? I also find you’re calling him non-president Obama slightly disturbing. Agree or disagree, he is your president and your commander-in-chief. If you don’t have respect for his policies, that’s fine. But you should have respect for the man and the office he holds. Would you have this same issue if he was a white person with a ‘normal’ sounding name? I doubt it. Even if you’re joking (as you claim lower down), behind every joke there is some part of fact and personal beliefs.

    3. JPC MD says:

      Dear Louis:
      Assuming you are a good Catholic, please comment on the following instead of your silly, superficial distractions about Mr. Romney when Mr. Obama represents everything our faith finds dangerous and reprehensible.

      Cardinal Dolan made it absolutely clear[from the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention] that the fundamentals of government require:
      1. The protection of life.
      “Grant us the courage to defend it, life, without which no other rights are secure”
      2. The protection of religious liberty.
      “Renew in all our people a profound respect for religious liberty: the first, most cherished freedom bequeathed upon us at our founding”.
      3. The protection of marriage and the family.
      “that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making, or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community.

      The media seems to try to convince us that what the cardinal says is irrelevant because:
      1. He does not speak for Catholics [because most Catholics did not follow the teaching of their church].
      2. The issues of social justice are so important that they supersede the 3 basic protections listed above because the Republican Party promoting them has a total negligence of the needy
      which can only be resolved by the fair redistribution of wealth.

      Rejection of the first 3 protections leads us to irrational solutions for economic problems [like the redistribution of wealth] that are made by man who rejects God.

      Perhaps the perspective of a remarkable recent saint can help.
      [Excerpt taken from the daily devotional Magnificat]
      which goes to show that a prayerful, saintly life heroically devoted to others is certainly not incompatible with economic commonsense.

      Let us imagine one day ….. each person ….. received an exactly equal portion of the wealth existing on earth.
      Then what? ….. One-man might say, “today I worked hard: Now I am going to take a rest”.
      Another might state, “I understand this sharing of goods well; so let’s drink and celebrate such an extraordinary happening”.
      On the other hand, another might say, “now I’m going to set to work with a will so as to reap the greatest benefit I can from what I have received”.
      And so, starting the next day, the first man would have only the amount given him;
      The second would have less, and the third would have increased his.
      Then what do we do? Start redistributing the wealth all over again?

      St. Maximilian Kolbe
      Died in Auschwitz
      August 14, 1941

      Many thanks,
      John P. Casey M.D.

      1. ifollowHATE says:

        Neither Obama or Romney have any ability to protect the unborn. Only we can do that.

        1. Sir Robert says:

          I assume you feel that way about the environment and such then too?

        2. Tom Crowe says:

          Patently false. Barack Obama, as a state senator, personally stopped the Born Alive Infant Protection Act from becoming law more than once. He rescinded the “Mexico City Policy” that forbids U.S. foreign aid dollars from financing abortions. He and his administration are pushing “rules” under Obamacare that will use taxpayer funds for abortion, and they defend giving millions upon millions of dollars to America’s largest abortion provider. If Barack Obama were to reverse any of those policies, lives would be saved.

    4. Cheap Romney defamation campaign with not substance behind.

    5. Obama ATE dog, in his own written testimony!

        1. Anna says:

          If you were a dog, would you rather be riding on the top of the car or be eaten for supper? Easy choice I’d say. At least the dog on top of the car is alive to enjoy another day.

          1. Joe says:

            Anna, He ate dog in a country where that’s a cultural norm. So again, I say, big deal. What about all the chickens here?

          2. abadilla says:

            Both issues are completely stupid and false and have absolutely nothing to do with “It’s the economy….”

    6. abadilla says:

      “Willard Mitt Romney’s spray tan for his appearance on Spanish language TV was absolutely hilarious.” This is an absolute calumny. My wife and I watched the whole interview in Spanish and he was asked hard questions and he was able to answer them beautifully. He didn’t tan to “appear” Brown and who is the ignorant here? You can walk in the streets of Mexico City and find people who look very White and they don’t speak a word of English because they were born in Mexico. Watch any Mexican soup operas lately? You’ll find White Mexicans all over the place. To think all Hispaniscs “look alike” is stupid, or at the very least, very ignorant. In any case, what do your words have to do with the article written by Tom?
      BTW, do you say anything negative when Biden speaks like some Black people when he addresses them. You don’t find that offensive?

    7. KT1 says:

      That’s right, Louis, you keep focusing on this bit of drivel while Americans, under Obama, suffer with record gas and energy prices, record food prices, record unemployment, record debt, record spending, failed bailouts, failed Middle East policies, etc… But a TAN is the most important news to YOU. God help us. And Obama ATE dog- I bet that dog would have prefered to be on a roof of a car than on a dinner plate.

  5. someoneyoudontkown says:

    You are correct in encouraging Catholics to not vote for Obama, but Romney is just as bad…. http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/20/mitt-romney-son-tagg-abortion-clause-surrogate-birth-agreement-contract-bill-handel/

    1. So, Romney paid of his son’s surrogate, which included a clause that gave their family the right to terminate the pregnancy if the children had a disease. So much for being pro-life. It seems Mitt and his family have thoroughly embraced the culture of death. They even add it to their contracts!

      1. Tom Crowe says:

        Addressed above. Cheers.

      2. I’d like to see the documents, Where are those available?

    2. Tom Crowe says:


      1. Really? A clause in a contract that says that the Romney’s can murder an unborn child in their surrogates womb, if they want, is just a distraction? I guess it’s just a distraction that Romney owns shares In a company that disposes of aborted children for planned parenthood as well. How many “distractions” do we have to ignore before we admit that Romney believes in abortion?

        1. Henry says:

          Don’t worry, Louis. Tom acts like a child about these things–particularly if people say things he doesn’t like on his posts (which are usually inane drivel filled with conclusion jumping and false facts).. I’m sure he wasn’t always for Romney, but now he’s the glorious candidate of the religious right. Isn’t it obvious that Romney is just saying the things he’s saying to court people like Tom–who support what they want to hear and don’t want to investigate farther into the person who is saying these things? After all, Romney has to try to get the other 53% which includes the religious right. It’s become clear that Romney only cares about two people–Mitt Romney and corporations. Sure, Obama isn’t the best candidate for the job, but neither is Romney and I don’t know how someone of relative intelligence can say he is.

          1. Tom Crowe says:

            I’m not saying Romney is the best person for the job, but I do believe he’s a damn site better than Obama.

          2. Sir Robert says:

            Why would you expect Tom or any writer to “like” what someone else writes if he does not agree with it…that probably why he does not “like” it, he disagrees with it. It’ okay to discriminate against dumb ideas. Woody Guthrie was talking about “this land” in his song–not the battlefield of ideas.

          3. Sir Robert says:

            Oh…and by the way. Do you really beleive that Obama really is saying the things he is saying because he cares about us? Or could he be a self-interested, power hungry politician just like the like the rest of them? I know that is heresy in in the Left circle, but Obama is a “talker” too. If you sincerely feel the way you do (I think you do), think of it this way: Romney said he would defend the sanctity of life. Obama supports virtually every form of abortion. With Romney, there is a chance he will keep his word (he may break it). With Obama, you KNOW he will fund abortion and support all the way…there is no contest on the fundamental issue of life, which without it, all other issues are irrelevant.

          4. abadilla says:

            If this is how you feel about Tom’s posts, why, may I ask, do you read them? “Don’t worry, Louis. Tom acts like a child about these things–particularly if people say things he doesn’t like on his posts (which are usually inane drivel filled with conclusion jumping and false facts)..

        2. Tom Crowe says:

          Louis—please share the information about that company. I’m happy to look at it, but I’ll bet it’s as thin as the surrogate story (which I addressed above). Cheers.

          1. ifollowHATE says:

            The company is “stericycle”. You can google “Romney Stericycle” and it will all come up for you Tom. For that matter you could have googled “Romney abortion disposal” and you would have probably gotten the same results.

          2. Tom Crowe says:

            Thanks for letting me know. I looked into it. I was right: thin broth, at best. Bain invested in Stericycle in 1999, right about the time Romney was departing Bain to run the Olympics. First, it is not clear that he was involved in the decision, and it is possible that he was not. It appears Stericycle was not doing the aborted baby collection at the time of the investment. And Bain divested from Stericycle before they began that operation. Got anything else?

        3. He may also own shares in a company that sells the light bulbs used by Planned Parenthood for what matters, or that manufactures the surgical equipment they use. Your logic is flawed. Romney as imperfect as he may be is a world away from the amoral Obama who may throw his mother under the bus to get a couple more votes (which he literally did lying about her cancer treatment and the insurance company).

        4. abadilla says:

          Have you not heard, “It’s the economy…” and I won’t type the last word because I don’t want to be uncharitable. This president is running for re-election at a time when 23 million Americans do not have a job and at a time when he just told us he can’t change Washington. If that is his problem, why should he seek re-election? I can’t believe after four years of a presidency that can only equal the disaster of Carter, you are still ready to vote for him.

        5. abadilla says:

          Have you not heard, “It’s the economy…” and I won’t type the last word because I don’t want to be uncharitable. This president is running for re-election at a time when 23 million Americans do not have a job and at a time when he just told us he can’t change Washington. If that is his problem, why should he seek re-election? I can’t believe after four years of a presidency that can only equal the disaster of Carter, you are still ready to vote for him.

    3. Tom Crowe says:

      Hey, I read the article. Is that all you’ve got? Mitt possibly paying some of the expenses of that arrangement and probably not privy to all the details of the contract is as bad as a president who is in favor of legalized, tax payer-funded abortion up to and beyond the point of birth? You really say “he’s just as bad” with a straight face?

    4. Sir Robert says:

      But in the line of intrinsic good and evil…it is hands down that Romney’s evil is not equal to the very real and direct evil that Obama espouses. Both candidates are running on a platform…compare the two platform, vote the Good one in, and then hold that president to that platform and judge him by that…otherwise, kick him out too. I am blown away by how few presidents have been impeached!

    5. Tracy says:

      Really, Your going to site TMZ? Un flipping-believable. I am embarrassed for you. Go back to watching Jersey Shore. I know everyone has a right to vote but people like this are really scaring me into thinking first you must posses some sign that your brain is actually working to be able to vote. Can we check that at the pols instead of ID? I know I am being cynical but come on people!

    6. Yep211 says:

      someoneyoudontkown (sic) & L. Marnnelli,
      Is your implication that since Mitt Romney’s SON signed an agreement with another party, that Mitt is implicated? By that logic, Obama bombed the Pentagon, because he started his campaign in Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dohrn’s house, hates America like Jeramiah Wright (he did pay $$ to the church), agrees with Bill Maher’s misogynistic stance (taking $1m from him), don’t you agree ? He surely agrees with these people or his life is one big fat lie.

    7. You KNOW that is not true!
      Mitt Romney was not mentored by a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of the USA, he does not have friends that are convicted felons and unrepentant terrorists, he does not have a Marxist vision for America, he never attended a church whose pastor called on God to damn America. Mitt donated his inheritance from his father’s estate to charity and donated 44% of his 2011 income to charity. Mitt tithes. Mitt loves our country.
      Check this out, if you have the courage: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/the-real-mitt-romney-beck-interviews-people-whose-lives-have-been-touched-by-the-gop-candidate/
      You should be ashamed of yourself for bearing false witness!

    8. Right just like the Catholic Romney has on his ticket…Ryan

    9. abadilla says:

      Let me take issue with your statement that Romney is just as bad. If you want to say “the lesser of two evils,” I would agree with you. Romney will know how to deal with the economy. He is against abortion. He will have a foreign policy of strength, he is definitely not a leftist pretending to be a moderate, an ideologue he is not. He has a very intelligent man by his side to help him govern the nation, Ryan, and he is a man who believes in the principles the Fathers of this country believed in.

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