My interview with local press on Abp. Wuerl’s appointment as cardinal

Shaun Courtney of the local Georgetown Patch website conducted a brief interview via email with me this morning on the subject of Archbishop Wuerl’s appointment to cardinal today. A brief excerpt:

Pope Benedict XVI announced Wednesday in Rome that 24 bishops will be elevated to cardinal in November. The Archbishop of Washington, Archbishop Wuerl will be called to a consistory on Nov. 20 at the Vatican where he will become a cardinal. Thomas Peters, a Georgetown resident and writer/editor of, weighed in on the announcement.


3 thoughts on “My interview with local press on Abp. Wuerl’s appointment as cardinal

  1. burt says:

    Thomas, the Pope does not call a consistory every year to name cardinals.

  2. Brian C says:

    ‘According to Peters, Burke “works at the Vatican for the Supreme Apostolic Signature (the highest court of law in the Church).” ‘

    Why is the ‘according to Peters’ necessary? It is a statement of fact.

    What’s next, ‘according to Brian C, 2+2=4’?

  3. Mark Polo says:

    Congratulations on your good press. Though I might take issue with the idea that the Pope “usually” holds one consistory a year. That was true in the era of John Paul II, but certainly not true for Pope Benedict up to now.

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