Mysterious Priest Performs Miracle at Crash Site?

A priest friend of mine once said in a homily, “For all you young men in the congregation—if there’s not a part of you that wants to be a priest, at least a little bit, then you probably don’t understand what it means to be a priest.” Among the many reasons I think that’s true—and I say this as a married layman—are stories like this one, from CBS affiliate KHQA in northeast Missouri. A 19 year-old, Katie Lentz, was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver and was pinned in her car. Rescue workers couldn’t pry her free.

After 45 minutes had passed, medical workers told rescue crews that Katie was failing and fast. That’s when Reed made an executive decision to move the car, which was standing on its side, back on all four wheels.

About an hour into the rescue, Katie asked rescue workers to pray out loud with her. That’s when a priest appeared out of no where.

“He came up and approached the patient, and offered a prayer,” Reed said. “It was a Catholic priest who had anointing oil with him. A sense of calmness came over her, and it did us as well. I can’t be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle.”

The Hannibal Fire Department showed up right after that prayer with fresh equipment and was able to finish the extrication. After getting Katie safely into the Air Evac helicopter, at least a dozen of the rescue workers turned around to thank the priest who was no where in sight. The highway had been blocked for a quarter of a mile during the hour and a half rescue, leaving no bystanders and no parked cars nearby. Lentz’ family and friends are amazed by the story.

A miracle? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe Fr. Whatshisname just walked off into the corn, Field of Dreams style. But the fact that people who were there—including first responders who are around traumatic events all the time—are willing to believe it was a miraculous intervention tells you something. And I think the fact that the mystery hero was clearly identified as a Catholic priest is hardly a coincidence. Watch the video. What do you think?


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  • John

    As Chesterton said, “The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.”

  • Lu

    God is everywhere, always. Just ask and he will answer!

  • Ngosong Ben

    Alleluia !!!!
    Jeus Christ is the same, yeterday, today and tomorrow.

  • http://WorldWideWeb Artenita Dante

    Miracles do happen. They may not happen in flashing shining ways but in our daily lives, and looking back, we will come to realize that God was always there working quietly and efficiently working in our lives.

  • Wilhelmina palmer

    Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

  • MissRonie

    +JMJ This is a God-inspired story for two reasons: (1) A young adult actually had the wherewithal to ask everyone to pray out loud!!; (2) The answer to her prayer request brought forth an Angel of mercy in the presence of a Catholic Priest!! My point, young people do have faith and believe in the power of prayer and God is showing us His amazing love for the priesthood and the Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church! God, You are indeed good – all the time!!

    • Fr. B.

      As a priest I can tell you that it is unlikely a priest would be free Sunday morning at 9 am!!! He would be at Mass at his Parish! Beautiful grace and story for all of us! : )

      • Joshua Mercer

        Excellent point!



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