Myth Propagator: Washington Post Cartoon Blames Pope For Overpopulation

This image courtesy of Ann Telnaes at the Washington Post editorial animation page claims the pope’s anti-contraceptive stance is responsible for overpopulation:

What is the pope inflating? A pregnant woman. How idiotic.

If you want to understand why this editorial cartoon is so misguided, read Steven Mosher’s column in the National Catholic Register: “Too Many People? Ignore the UNFPA and Welcome Baby 7 Billion.”

Steven is the president of the Population Research Institute, which recently released this excellent video explaining what Baby 7 Billion is actually all about:

If anything, we should be thanking the Catholic Church and the pope for advocating a pro-human message. But I guess it’s too much to hope that a WaPo cartoonist would understand the facts behind the figures.



  • Mary

    Was reading article by George Will at the Post when this cartoon popped up. However, when I went to comment on it, the website wouldn’t let me. It just kept switching to a different video before I could hit the comment button. YET, the cartoon is still there.

    I wanted to make a point that no one had mentioned yet.
    Natural Family Planning.

    I don’t think many non-Catholics have EVER heard of this. Not to mention a lot of Catholics as well.

    Here is a website:



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