National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

The 4th Annual Catholic Prayer Breakfast will be held in Washington, D.C. this weekend (April 12-14th), with a keynote address by Abp. Wuerl on “Christianity and Our National Identity.” President Bush has attended past NCPB’s but that’s not gauranteed this time (and probably won’t happen).

In addition, Scott Hahn, and Richard John Neuhaus will be giving talks.

Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to attend this year (for reasons I’ll explain in my next post). I would have been especially interested in the bioethics panel scheduled for Friday afternoon. Another fascinating panel is on the topic of “Catholics in Entertainment and the New Evangelization”, with the producers of Passion of the Christ and Bella (which I’ve mega-posted about here), and the excellent Fishers of Men vocation video.

One slightly distressing topic to an AmericanPapist like myself is Neuhaus on “Why I Am Not an American Catholic.” I’d be interested to see where he takes that. I’m sure his speech will be made available either on their website or elsewhere after it is delivered.

Ticket sales have closed for this year’s event it says on the NCPB’s website (outside of email invitations), but it’s still good to be aware of it and what has occurred in past sessions.





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