New Evangelization: Faith, Family & Ducks?


A&E’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty made history when their fourth season premiere was the most-watched non-fiction series telecast in cable TV history. This family won the hearts of America, with 11.8 million people tuning in for the premiere.

Duck Dynasty follows the lives of the Robertson family, who run their own business called Duck Commander, which makes “duck calls” for hunters. The patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, created the Duck Commander duck call in 1972, but it wasn’t until years later when one of Phil’s son’s (Willie) created the market and built the family’s “dynasty”.

Even with their fortune and now fame with Duck Dynasty, the Robertson family remains humble and focused on the things that are most important: family, life, and faith.

The father of the Robertson clan, Phil Robertson, has been a vocal advocate for life and has been steadfast against abortion. At a benefit in Dallas, Texas, Phil spoke about the about the hippie generation and said,

“You can only run sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll so far. The bottom line is what came out of that movement is what you’re now witnessing. They had little innocent names; they called us ‘hippies’ and ‘flower children.’ That movement lured 60 million babies out of their mothers’ wombs. What came out of that are universities that take our children and warp their minds – the ungodliness is literally rampant. All of the diseases that go with immorality, all of that stuff came out of my generation.”

Phil’s son Willie, who also serves at the CEO of Duck Commander, is also pro-life and lives his pro-life views by being an adoptive father. There is a popular video on YouTube, which has over a quarter of a million views, of Willie speaking about the benefit of being an adoptive father. Willie said,

“Before you know all the fame and fortune was there we made the commitment to do it and it has really changed our lives and helped reshape at least one life in a kids life and any chance I get to promote that I am going to help out.”

Willie and his wife Korie adopted a bi-racial son, and recently adopted a girl from Taiwan named Rebecca.

But, the Robertson family doesn’t stop there.

The Abstinence Clearinghouse recently posted a video of another Robertson son, Jase, and his wife Missy, speaking about their decision to save sex for marriage.

Jase said in the interview, “We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night. We decided to do it God’s way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven.”

Jase also said in the interview some people think it’s foolish to talk about abstinence or encourage people to wait. But, the truth is, there are many young people that have chosen to wait and are waiting. Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s.

If you haven’t seen this show, I encourage you to watch it. It’s such a great show and the whole family will enjoy it. It’s also good to support these good people, who are being public witnesses to family, life, and faith.

“Thanks to its authentic and engaging characters Duck Dynasty has become more than just a reality show, it is a cultural phenomenon,” said David McKillop, General Manager and Executive Vice President of A&E.  “We would like to thank the Robertsons for their incredible partnership. We are all Happy, Happy, Happy.”

Watch Duck Dynasty. It will make you “Happy, Happy, Happy.”


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  • Brenda

    I love this show! It is not at all what you might think.

  • Mary Salinas

    What an enjoyment to watch Duck Dynasty! It’s such a refreshing change of pace, wholesome, funny, inspiring! We, the viewing audience, are so thankful to finally have a show that is wholesome, Christian based, and so funny! Thank you Duck Dynasty!

  • susan

    Thanks Robertsons – we’ll be watching faithfully – nice having a good show to watch

  • mary hayes

    I fought watching this show because I just did not think it was the kind of show I would enjoy but I was so wrong. I love this show. Everyone should

  • Cindy Fowler

    I have waited patiently and can wait no more. I gotta know – why do you have the “Buck Commander” sign on your building? Are you talking about male deer or Willie building up the bucks with the help of the ducks? i introduced my 10 year old grandson to Duck Dynasty. We always discuss new episodes. Keep ’em coming! God bless.

  • Leticia Velasquez

    Its stunning to see what a slow learning curve the media moguls have. How many times does the American public have to demonstrate that
    clean, family-oriented shows sell big time? They continue to give us trash.
    Long live Duck Dynasty!!



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