New Gallup Poll Shows Planned Parenthood More Extreme than Most Pro-Abortion Americans

Gallup’s latest poll on Americans’ views about abortion is fascinating for at least one reason: it demonstrates how Planned Parenthood is actually more extreme on abortion than even people who identify themselves as “pro-choice”

For instance, the poll found that 79% of people who say they are pro-choice want to make abortion illegal in the third trimester, a majority (52%) of pro-choice people even want abortion to be illegal in the second trimester as well!

In addition, the poll found that 63% of pro-choice people say they want to ban partial-birth abortions.

Finally, the poll found that 60% of pro-choice people say they want parental consent for minors before they have an abortion, and 60% of pro-choice people want a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion.

On these issues – banning second and third trimester abortions (and especially the heinous practice of partial-birth abortion), on introducing parental consent and 24-hour waiting periods … a majority of pro-choice people agree with pro-life folks.

Planned Parenthood, in other words, doesn’t even represent the views of the Americans who are predisposed to support them.

The pro-life movement has much to gain by highlighting the fact that “common ground” solutions to reducing the abortion rate such as the ones mentioned above have support not only among pro-lifers, but by a majority (and sometimes a large majority) of people who claim to be pro-choice. Planned Parenthood always tries to paint us as the extremists – turns out the opposite is true! Refuse to be marginalized. It’s Planned Parenthood that has explaining to do.




  • Davide

    Scott have you gone mad? Abortion “medical necessary”? Since when is it a medical necessity to kill a child? I have a toothache is it medical necessary to stub my toe because of it? 99 percent of abortion is because the child is not loved, not wanted or needed. The mother murders her own so she can live the life of her choosing. And the abortionist get rich. Living the life of luxury-killing kids. If people could actually see what takes place during an abortion especially a partial birth abortion, peoples minds would change. After all most of us can not stand the sight of a pig getting slaughtered and divided. Planned Parenthood is an evil organization butchers of children. They make the Nazi’s look like a garden club.

    • KBurchfiel

      I don’t believe you need to resort to Nazi references to get your point across.

      • Davide

        Why not?

  • Scott S

    You say that “there is much to gain from highlighting the fact that “common ground” SOLUTIONS to reducing the abortion rate such as the ones mentioned above…” However, I see no suggestions in your article “above” that would reduce the abortion rate. Third trimester and Partial birth abortions account for approximately 0.24% of all abortions in the United States, with most of those being out of medical necessity. There are numerous restrictions already in place on these procedures, so It’s unlikely that any further restriction would reduce the overall abortion rate in the United States. Banning second trimester abortions is also unlikely to “reduce the abortion rate” as we know that most of those procedures would simply be moved to the first trimester or be done by unscrupulous doctors in back alley clinics. What might actually reduce abortion rates is to work with Planned Parenthood or other organizations and support laws that make it easier for women to keep their children or place them in adoption. That is an area where pro-life and pro-choice people have acres of common ground. Why is nothing done to promote those policies?

    • Thomas Peters

      Scott S. – these things are never done because PlannedParenthood simply doesn’t support them. I disagree with you that abortion is medically necessary. Where’s your proof for that claim? Over 95% of pregnant women who go to PP get an abortion. How can you think they’re serious about supporting women who choose life? Pro-life pregnancies centers do that.

      • Greg Smith

        Dear Thom ~ Your post and Scott’s seem to be making the point I’ve raised before. Yes, PP’s ideology seems to be abortion on demand, or even whim. However, can we not work with these people of good will who see that, at least at some level, abortion is a tragedy and as a society we should work to reduce them. You recently spotlighted First Choice, which seems like a model worth exploring. The question we might ask is if the reources, religious and secular, could be assembled to make “right choices” mor availible to American women with unplanned pregnancies. ~ Pax tucem, Greg



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