New Mega Abortion Law Proposed

CV-Senate-Abortion-Bill-E-300x350Harry Reid and his zealous pro-abortion friends are desperate.

They know their majority in the Senate is in danger.

So guess what? They’ve decided it’s time to dust off the fake ‘War on Women’ playbook again.

Senate Democrats know that the bogus ‘War on Women’ helped raise millions of dollars in 2012 while also bringing abortion supporters to the polls.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee finished a hearing on S.1696, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

This bill declares open war on women and their children.

What would happen to the numerous pro-woman and pro-child protections passed in the states all across the country if this mega abortion bill became law?

  • Informed consent laws? Eliminated.
  • Laws that protect pain-capable children after 20 weeks? Gone.
  • Clinic regulations? All of them wiped away.
  • Conscience protections? Nearly all such protections would be decimated.
  • Ultrasounds for vulnerable women? Banned.

My friend summed it up well: “This bill is the Freedom of Choice Act on steroids.”

The far-ranging scope of this bill and the audacity of the Senate Democrats to push such legislation is terrifying.

The gloves are off. Their full agenda is out of the bag. This is what they would impose on America if pro-life legislators were not standing in their way.

Thankfully, there is absolutely no way this bill will pass the House, which is in pro-life hands. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore this legislation. Harry Reid will use this bill to raise money and get out votes for radical pro-abortion candidates.

We can’t let them have the last word. We need to expose their real agenda.

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Let’s make sure Harry Reid’s lies backfire.


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  • Katie

    If the women’s fetus is male does that make the women a hermaphrodite? I mean if it’s just a blob of her tissue then her body’s growing manly. Is the pregnant women a hermaphrodite? If the unborn child is just part of the mother’s body than she sure is.

  • Anthony Clifton

    This bill is the same ploy that Democrats have pulled a number of times during the Obama administration. They deliberately made it extreme, knowing it would not pass, in an effort to switch from defense to offense against the GOP in an election year.

    Their bluff was called when they tried to pull this with their budget bill a while back. Then Harry Reid refused to let the Senate vote on it.

  • Stuart Miller

    The bishops should stand together and publicly draw a line in the sand, by declaring that any Catholic politician who votes for this will be publicly excommunicated.



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