New Video: This is Religious Freedom.

Is this the election that we’ll lose religious freedom in America?

It will be — if we fail to pray, educate, and mobilize our friends and fellow parishioners to vote.

That’s why we’ve made this new ad showing exactly what is at stake.

Watch and share:

Religious freedom for our church and its schools and hospitals is a bedrock American principle. It’s called our First Freedom and it’s enshrined in the First Amendment.

Until the election of Barack Obama, religious freedom enjoyed strong bipartisan support.

In fact, President Clinton signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993. The legislation had such strong support, it passed by a voice vote in the House of Representatives. The Senate gave it overwhelming support with a 97-3 vote.

But desperate to win reelection, Barack Obama wants to force Catholic schools and soup kitchens to pay for abortion drugs and sterilizations.

Any politician willing to violate the First Amendment rights of Americans does not deserve reelection.

That’s why the Candidate Fund has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

If you agree, please send this message to your friends.

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  • Robert Morin

    Well, with only a week left until we decide a winner, I’m hoping this will widen the gap, and make ol’ Mittie-boy the undisputed President-Elect! We definitely need him in office more than Obummer right about now.

  • Let Peeps Vote

    If you seek to use the laws of our nation to ban others from freedom to live THEIR LIVES based on THEIR beliefs, do not be surprised when others seek to limit yours as well. Freedom means freedom for EVERYBODY, not just Catholics.

    • Jan

      I don’t have the freedom to be in your face and tell you what a creep I think you are – shouldn’t I have that freedom? Shouldn’t I have the freedom to tell gays that I think what they do is gross? Where’s my freedom? Why do my kids have to be exposed to perversion? Where’s their freedom? Seems to me the only one’s whose freedoms have been quashed by people like you are people like me.

      • Let Peeps Vote

        “Telling” people that they are gross is different than using the force of law to ban them from legal rights. You do understand that simple logic, right?

        • Jan

          So with which perversion do you end someone’s freedom? Pedophilia? Rape of one kind or another? Bestiality? I have a legal right to free speech, but not really. Homosexuality should not be legal – and it wasn’t until recently.

          • Let Peeps Vote

            Jan, is addiction to pornography not a pervision? Is sadomasochism not a perversion? Why is the church not donating millions of dollars to ban those under our laws, because they certainly have not bothered to do so.

            If it smells like discrimination against an unpopular minority, it probably is.

          • Jan

            Of course they are perversions! You don’t think the Church fights these things daily in the confessional and spiritual advisement? The difference is that the people who suffer these perversions KNOW they are perversions and want to stop.

            Answer my question – where does it stop? How do you feel about polygamy, or the other things I mentioned?

          • Let Peeps Vote

            The church has spent $15.3 MILLION DOLLARS trying to ban gay people from marriage by running ads claiming gays are a “gathering storm” and a “threat to humanity”. How much money have they spent trying to ban pornography?????

            *** CRICKETS ****

          • Jan

            Well Peeps – let’s see, how can gays benefit humanity as a whole if they can’t procreate naturally? Marriage is designed for sex and procreation. Homosexuality can be nothing but jollies, and would result in the extinction of mankind. If that’s your aim, I guess it’s cool. ;-} However, you are still evading my question! Where do YOU draw the line?

            I don’t understand ***CRICKETS*** – but, peace to you and yours, no matter what.

          • Church loves Gays do you?

            Peace to you and yours?
            After asking what benefit gay PEOPLE are?
            Do you even understand the REAL Catholic position on Gays? THOU SHALT NOT DISCRIMINATE, HATE, or OTHERWISE TREAT ANYONE IN AN UNDIGNIFIED MANNER – without regard to thier sexual orientation.

          • abadilla

            Is that “your” money you are writing about or the money of those of us who go to Mass and contribute? If it isn’t your money, why is what the Church spends and on whom your business?

          • Honk

            Seek out the confessional and the spiritual advice. I am sure they would not be condoning your tantrum.
            Even if they goose is gay, your admonition is also good for you, I gander.

          • abadilla

            “unpopular minority.” Oh please, spare me the violins. Gay Pride Parades here and all over the world, schools pressured everywhere to teach sodomy, judges overturning the will of the people, and you have the nerve to talk about an “unpopular” minority?

          • Who is the Pervert?

            Jan you pervert Catholicism by this vile attempt to insult others. If we have to put up with your perversion, than you should be able to tolerate anyone elses. Besides, you should stop looking at people when they are having sex. You display your perversion in the public square.

          • abadilla

            And you display your ignorance of Catholicism. Read the Catechism, you might learn something!

        • abadilla

          What “legal” right does anyone have to redefined marriage?

      • Free to Hate?

        who says you do not have that freedom? You exercise it here quite a bit.

  • ragingcatholic

    Deleting comments is un-christian.

    • Let Peeps Vote

      Yes. CatholicVote is scared of an image of a minister marrying a gay couple as they will be exposed for their hypocrisy. Must block the truth so that they can go on fanning the flames of hostility against gay people.

      • Fireproof Pants

        Is that why ragingcatholic was banned? I thought the reason people were posting photographs of aborted babies was because they thought the horror had to be shown? No concern for the dignity of the human being pictured, however. It would seem the folks here would want to expose how “terrible” it is for gay people to get married. You mean the couple looked happy and loving? However could that be? And @ Fr. Maurer — this site endorsed Romney a long time ago. The claim of non-partisanship, I’m afraid, is probably nebulous at best.

      • abadilla

        Go away with your ridiculous and hypocritical statements. I can’t wait till you get banned!

    • Randall

      Boo hoo hoo! Looks like the anti-Catholic troll is sad that he can’t have tantrums on his favorite website anymore?

    • abadilla

      No, deleting comments from haters is not unChristian, it is common sense!

  • Father Jacob Maurer

    I wish this didn’t have an endorsement for a candidate at the end – as a priest in the United States, I can’t share this publicly because of the IRS non-profit laws. (

    • Let Peeps Vote

      This is true. Churches are not allowed to exploit their tax exempt status to endorse political candidates.

      • Father Jacob Maurer

        Oh please. This is about gagging free speech. And notice how it does that for citizens like myself who are not churches, but individuals – who have the same constitutional rights as everyone else.

        Until we don’t. Which is exactly the problem we face.

        • Jan

          Hey! That’s what I just said! (almost) 😀 Father – pray for my hardening heart…it’s getting difficult to see Christ in everyone, as I should.

          • Soft heart

            You have been told that many times.

        • Let Peeps Vote

          Don’t pretend to be a victim father, every church in America abides by the same rules that you do. If you think that your tax exemption that was generously provided by the people of America puts you at a disadvantage, you are more than welcome to pay taxes like everyone else.

          There are quite logical reason why churches are not allowed to endorse political candidates using their tax exempt status. Did you become a priest in order to help the poor and needy, or to push through a political agenda for a specific candidate?

          • Father Jacob Maurer

            Priests pay taxes like everyone else, and yet we are restricted from speaking as freely as anyone else – it is the church (the non-profit religious institution) that is exempt. There’s no pretending here – religious leaders are being silenced by a law that was never meant to be applied to them

            I became a priest to preach the Truth, so that people might be saved. The restriction as it stands artificially prevents religious leaders from mentioning candidates despite the fact that they and their politics very clearly touch on the same issues that religion does.

          • Let Peeps Vote

            I’m sure that you understand that it’s quite difficult to separate what’s your political speech and what is part of the church’s. The case could easily be made that if a priest is allowed to endorse a candidate, then they should be able to endorse that candidate on the public sidewalk as well as from the pulpit within the church. Exactly where do you think the line should be drawn? Your employer did not pay taxes on your salary, or your rectory, or your car, or your maid (if those things are included as part of your benefits).

            And again, if endorsing a political candidate is your calling in life, then I think you should quit being a priest and become a politician.

          • Needing Huility?

            it is the church that asks you to keep your political opinions to yourself. The state could care less, as long as you do it like the rest of us.

          • Father Jacob Maurer

            A priest’s duty is to proclaim the faith in all things. It is very easy to see when he goes off the rails – moving from teaching what the Church teaches into teaching his own opinion, or in this situation, politics.

            The problem with the IRS law is that it is used as a cudgel, as a threat to intimidate religious leaders into silence altogether. Despite the fact that many issues in the political sphere (marriage, contraception, abortion) are clearly also religious matters , we are told that we should not be talking about them. There is the constant threat that if we do, our churches will be punished.

            This isn’t about endorsing candidates – which most religious leaders have no desire to do (who compares to Jesus?). It is about being free to preach our faith, something that this law is now used to minimize.

          • Padre’s Pride

            Preach the truth – by lying? You are not being silenced, you just do not choose to say anything meaningful. You should have become a priest to follow Christ, not try and lead him into your temptation.

          • abadilla

            When Father preaches from the pulpit the principles we are all supposed to uphold, that’s what we Catholics are expected to do. It is clear who the candidate is who stands for the culture of death, and Father does not need to spell out his name for people to know who violates the most sacred principles of our faith. Basically, you and other hypocritical trolls here just want to silence priests as you would like to silence the whole Church but Christ did not lie when He told us “the gates of hell will not prevail against her,” and you minions of Satan can try all you want but the Church has survive through the centuries snakes more dangerous than you.

          • Father Jacob Maurer

            I’ve posted a couple replies above which are relevant. The gist of it is that religious leaders are intimidated by those who disagree with them using the IRS law. We are constantly threatened with investigations of alleged violations of the law for even speaking on issues – issues that matter within our faith as much as they do in politics.

          • abadilla

            You are a liar! Father is not pretending to be a victim nor is every church in America abiding by the same rules. Ask any Democratic politician who gives his political speeches in Baptist churches and nothing happens to them with government rules.

          • this catholic

            yes, he is.

          • abadilla

            If in so little evidence you call a minister of God a liar, that tells me two things: 1) You’re a troll. 2) You are not a Catholic. We, Catholics, don’t treat our priests this way, even when we disagree with them.

        • Poor Padre

          Which rights have you been denied?
          You have your room and board paid for by the labor of others, you get great deals on you taxes. Is it that you are not free to be the person you want to be? Oh wait, it may be the Church that limits you.
          No one really cares who you endorse, just don’t pretend that there is an official Church endorsement.
          Loss of rights, you have got to be kidding – Not enough Clerical Privilege on you white privilege and male privilege. Give me a break.

          • abadilla

            And this is the “respect” you show our priests? What is this, an example of good manners on the part of good Catholics like you? You don’t pay a red cent for our priests in our Church, we do, those of us who go to Mass every Sunday, holy days of obligation and sometimes during the week, so, where do you get off telling one of our priests his room and board is payed for by the labor of others when you don’t pay a red cent to our priests or our church? Mind your own business and stop pretending you help our priests when your pure venon is spewed against Holy Mother Church and her priests. Shame on you!

          • Father Jacob Maurer

            To be clear, I am not claiming that I don’t have the things I need in life. Through the generosity of my parishioners and the care of my archbishop, I doubt I will ever have any unmet legitimate needs.

            Sadly, this isn’t just about endorsement. Most priests have no desire to wade into the tricky (and risky) business of endorsements. All of us, however, have a stake in being able to speak freely on the positions they hold.

            This IRS law regarding religious groups is brought up each and every time a religious leader speaks out about politics. The constant threat – and it is both constant & a threat – of our parish being
            stripped of it’s non-profit status has quite a chilling effect on the ability of religious leaders to even touch important issues.

            Its no longer just about religious groups unjustly influencing politics – its about keeping them from participating.

          • This Catholic

            No, it is not brought up when you talk about politics. It is brought up when you endorse a specific political candidate. Please stop lying “father”.

          • Father Jacob Maurer

            Healthy skepticism only remains so when it is accompanied by a desire to seek the truth and be satisfied with the answer.

            To that end, I invite you to read the link below (or search via Google yourself) about a Bishop Kagan, who is being threatened with this IRS law despite adhering to it.

            Bishop Kagan is hardly the only one being threatened. The sad fact is that people bring this up each time a subject comes to the fore in the public mind that touches on religion and politics.


            You seem skeptical about me, which is understandable with the ease of anonymous posting. Please feel free to click on my user name for more information – with a little clicking around (and perhaps a Google search or two), I think you’ll be able to verify that I am indeed a priest (no quotation marks necessary 😉 )

        • abadilla

          Of course Father this rule is about gagging free speech, and these hypocritical Catholics are willing to be on the side of the government to stab Holy Mother Church on the back and throw her under the bus.

      • abadilla

        Gee, have you told this truth to Baptist churches where Democratic politicians give political speeches all the time without losing their tax exemptions, or does the rule only apply to our priests and bishops to conveniently silence them?

        • angeldia

          whoever was the ignorant ass to not know that Protestant Baptists are Nothing like Catholics seriously has some major issues….

          • abadilla

            I don’t know how to reply to you because I don’t exactly get what you are stating.
            However, let me try. The issue was the tax exempt status of Catholic churches. Supposedly, Catholic churches can’t have a priest give a “political” speech because he would be violating the taxt exempt status of the Church. My reaction to that was simple. Is anyone checking the exempt status of Baptist churches where both, ministers and Democratic politicians speak openly about political issues? My contention is that the IRS does no such thing in Baptist churches, ignores the fact that ministers and politicians speak on political issues favoring one party over another, while it wants to penalize Catholic churches for doing what Baptist churches already do. Now, how is that being “an ignorant ass?”

    • Set Free by Truth

      As a priest you should be embarrassed by this site and the attack on Catholicism by the GOP. This has never been a catholic site, but a bunch of bigots who share their hate.

      • abadilla

        If this is true “bunch of bigots,” why are you here?

      • Father Jacob Maurer

        If there is something particular to point to, I’d be interested in hearing it. That said, it would only be fair to first contact them first. They do have a contact page linked throughout their site (

        • abadilla

          Well Father, here you have it. Trolls can come in into a Catholic site, be openly disrespectful to our priests, act if they know better than our priests, bishops and the Pope, and pretend all they have done is exercise their “freedom of speech.”
          I hope you realize no Catholic in his sane mind, would ever speak to a priest with such condescension and disrespect.

  • ragingcatholic

    This is also religious freedom. All Americans deserve the right to marry the person that they love and have those vows recognized under the laws of our great nation. If you want to use your religious beliefs as a tool to deprive others of their freedoms, you can’t complain about it when they deprive you of yours.

  • Joanne S.

    Awesome! This is the ad you should have had out months ago, but better late than never.



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