Newman Society Reveals Catholic Universities Deceived Bishops Over Dissenting Conference Presentations

The Cardinal Newman Society has done a great service to further expose the efforts by those who dissent from the Church’s teaching on sexuality, marriage and family to confuse and undermine those teachings on Catholic campuses (and elsewhere):

In a special investigative report released today, The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) provides evidence of “a well-orchestrated attempt to undermine the Church’s doctrine and its stand against homosexual ‘marriage’” at a series of conferences co-sponsored by two Jesuit universities and funded by a radical foundation.

The presidents of Fordham and Fairfield Universities had promised New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Bridgeport Bishop William Lori that the “More Than a Monologue” conference series would “not be a vehicle for dissent,” according to the New York Archdiocese.  However, Newman Society reporters found evidence of dissent, sacrilege and opposition to the bishops’ efforts to protect marriage.

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I began to expose the efforts by one gay-advocacy organization, the Arcus foundation, to undermine Church teaching earlier this year when I wrote:

this [research] is a smoking gun – $100,000 given by Arcus to Fairfield University is the sole and single reason why four universities – including Catholic ones – will hold forums this year to further undermine the Church’s teaching on these issues.

Fast-forward to the present day, where the Cardinal Newman Society’s report confirms what I predicted would happen:

The report also looks at the Arcus Foundation, which paid $100,000 for the “More Than a Monologue” conferences, and its web of support for efforts that could be fairly described as designed to undermine Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

… In addition to the two conferences at Fordham and Fairfield, two other conferences were held in the series at Yale Divinity School and Union Theological Seminary, which included a fake Mass without a celebrant which organizers called a “CatholiQ Eucharist” (the “Q” apparently means “queer”).

I think, in the interest of transparency, the presidents of Fordham and Fairfield should reveal their correspondence with Archbishop Dolan and Bishop Lori and explain how this happened on their watch. Did they, for instance, make any serious effort to supervise the planned content of the events and review the speaker list?

It is, after all, a very serious matter that these presidents of Catholic universities promised the bishops that these conferences would not violate their responsibilities and then failed to follow-through on that promise.

As I’ve written before, there’s a very clear project underway which, financed by well-moneyed gay rights activists, seeks to undermine the Church’s teaching on these issues from within, by sponsoring events such as the “CatholiQ Eucharist” and “More than a Monologue” conference and by funding Catholic organizations that allow their name and institutions to be co-opted by this agenda.

Catholic laypeople who care about the identity of our Catholic institutions ought to work with the bishops to demand a response from the administration of these two schools and to see that proper reparations are made.

Issuing a formal apology, promising not to allow this to happen again, and sponsoring a second round of conferences where the Church’s teaching on these issues is articulated and defended properly are all good places to start.

I’ll be following this story closely in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, I urge you to inform yourself by reading the complete report issued by the Cardinal Newman Society.



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