NEWS ALERT! Pope Francis Follows Jesus on Abortion

Francis americaIf people’s minds were blown when they found out that the Pope actually believes the Catechism, imagine how blown their minds are when they figure out that the Pope actually imitates Jesus Christ.

Minds are being blown even as we speak. A great new media fervor is starting about how Pope Francis is saying to back off from abortion and homosexual marriage and just talk about Jesus.

It’s important to read his actual words and try to understand where the Spirit is leading us in the Church of Pope Francis. His new interview with America magazine is available here: “A Big Heart Open to God.”

When Pope Francis said “who am I to judge?” with respect to homosexuals in his interview on the plane back from Brazil, headlines cried out that he was changing everything. “By saying this, I said what the catechism says,” he explains in his new interview. Indeed he did.

In his new interview, he suggests that we love people with same-sex attraction and not define them merely by that one characteristic. And he suggests we find an effective way to address abortion in context, which he points out is a cause of suffering for the women involved.

Here is how he put it:

“We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues, we have to talk about them in a context. The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.”

To read that and say that the Pope wants to be accepting of abortion and contraception and gay marriage is like reading the story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well and say it shows how accepting Jesus is of adultery.

A key to his approach comes later in the interview:

“Because God is first; God is always first and makes the first move,” he said. “I have a dogmatic certainty: God is in every person’s life. God is in everyone’s life. Even if the life of a person has been a disaster, even if it is destroyed by vices, drugs or anything else — God is in this person’s life. You can, you must try to seek God in every human life. Although the life of a person is a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. You have to trust God.”

Compare Francis’ approach with Christ’s meeting with The Samaritan Woman at the well. In it, Jesus masterfully takes a woman who has led a sinful life from a simple conversation about water to a self-examination of her life to a recognition that Jesus is the Messiah. He does it without ever voicing his clear objections to her sinful life.

First, Christ respects the woman’s freedom. When we say we want to “evangelize” someone, we often mean we want someone to stop being who they are and be who we want them to be. Christ doesn’t treat the woman at the well that way. He recognizes the woman for who she is, but offers her a positive way to become more.

Second, Christ speaks in the woman’s language about a real need the woman feels, in this case for water. Too often, our efforts to tell other people about Christ fail to recognize their interests, while making our interests (their joining our Church) very clear.

Third, Christ doesn’t condemn the woman — rather, he leads her to a place where she can see the error of her own ways. This is crucial. Not only do we frighten people away from us by being judgmental, we deny them the opportunity to truly repent.

The harder way, the respectful way, is the only way that works.

Describes Francis:

“I dream of a church that is a mother and shepherdess. The church’s ministers must be merciful, take responsibility for the people and accompany them like the good Samaritan, who washes, cleans and raises up his neighbor. This is pure Gospel. God is greater than sin. The structural and organizational reforms are secondary—that is, they come afterward. The first reform must be the attitude. The ministers of the Gospel must be people who can warm the hearts of the people, who walk through the dark night with them, who know how to dialogue and to descend themselves into their people’s night, into the darkness, but without getting lost.”

Jesus did things the hard way. It is the hard way that Francis chooses. We should do the same.



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  • Jeffrey

    Unfortunately there will e many Catholics who will see the news reports or even the actual interview and rationalize that they can continue to support abortion rights.

  • Mary-of-Oxford

    It has struck me lately that our Lord is trying to send His Church a very important message. I know He is certainly sending me one.
    It is said that when John the Beloved was very old, people would ask him, “If there is one thing you’d like the Church to remember, what would it be?” John said, “Love, love, love.” (I heard it said a few dif. ways, but the basic meaning is always the same.) It is the message Mother Teresa sent to the sick and dying Buddhists.
    FIRST don’t judge anyone. You don’t know what makes them tick or what’s in their heart. SECOND, love them unconditionally. God didn’t wait for us to change first before He sent us a Savior to Love us, show us the way, and die for us. ALL people want to be loved, & understood. It doesn’t mean you have to approve, just understand where they’re coming from. If a person feels loved unconditionally, w/o any agendas they will generally cling to you and love you back. Next, they must understand that because you TRULY love them unconditionally, you want to give them the happiness and joy you feel ‘cuz you’ve found Our Lord and His great love for you! THIS is the ONLY reason, you should hope they will try what you suggest, and for NO other reason! They need to know that you will love them first, as if they were YOUR child. That you won’t ever abandon that love for them, even should they reject you. Show them a NEW kind of Catholic! One that LOVES them always, even though you believe in ALL the teachings of our faith! That is what will help them trust the Catholic Church, & believe me, they have seen for a long time that Catholics do not love like we profess we should. SMILE & Actually BE HAPPY w/ your life first! WE all can change, & our Holy Father is trying to lead the way! Pray for Him, and the Church, which is the people of the true faith! In the name of Christ our Lord I pray the Holy Spirit guide us all, to be true ministers of God’s great love and mercy!

  • Patriot327

    I do believe the media will distort anything that emanates from the Catholic Church and from its pontiff. It has for many years. First and foremost I would like to say that I am a sinner. No one who walks this earth is blameless; we are all sinners. I have mixed feelings as far as Pope Francis’ approach. He quotes Christ’s meeting with the Samaritan woman as the example of how to approach sinners. However, one should also study Matthew 18:6-9. If we fail to respectfully and lovingly lead others from sin (including ourselves) we fail our faith and His mission for us. I can’t help but feel that our Pope’s statements will be taken out of context. It has already happened. The media is having a field day with this, reporting that Pope Francis is taking a “softer” stance on the great evils of our time and I fear that Christ’s truth is consequently obscured. We should all pray for our Church and for our Pope that we all find the best way to emulate Christ when addressing sin. We must lead by example, not by judgment, but we must never compromise God’s Word.

  • MaryofSharon

    I would argue Pope Francis does not actually say “love the sinner, hate the sin.” When we say that, there is a not so thinly veiled implication that the other is a sinner, but I am not . Pope Francis begins with the recognition of himself as an unworthy sinner. It is from that position that he looks at others who may be doing something objectively wrong with love and mercy. He (and none of us) can pass judgment because no one but God can discern the inner workings of an individual soul. In fact those of us who fall into the error of being self-righteous may actually be in a more serious state of sin than the one who has done something objectively wrong, but “knows not what he does”. This is not a compromise on the high and excellent standards of church moral teaching, but it is a humble recognition that the only one I can know for certain is a sinner is myself!

  • Albert

    A Christian that evangelizes will always be persecuted! That’s the way of Jesus.

  • Albert

    When we talk less about abortion, we stop making it a priority. Why doesn’t Pope Francis just say, Jesus should be the center for all Christians. This is a given. Defending for Jesus teachings given. Let’s see what comes next!



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