NEWS RELEASE – to Obama: Catholic Schools Unite, Not ‘Divide’

Obama launches yet another attack on the Catholic Church

CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of, issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks on Catholic education while in Northern Ireland:

catholic-school-kids“Catholic education is not the source of ‘division’ in Northern Ireland, nor are they a source of division anywhere in the world. Catholic schools educate children without regard for race, class, sex, origin, or even religious faith. The work of Catholic education is a response to the Gospel call to serve, not divide.

“In a free society, Catholics have every right to operate schools, hire the teachers they wish, and educate our children according to our Church’s teachings without burdensome interference or threats from the state and our political leaders.

“If every Catholic school closed tomorrow, local and state governments would be forced to spend millions of dollars to handle the hundreds of thousands of children who would enter the public school system.

“This smear in Northern Ireland constitutes a growing pattern of hostility on the part of this Administration toward Catholics. The Obama administration has ruled that some Catholic colleges are no longer sufficiently Catholic enough to warrant a religious exemption from the HHS Mandate. Two years ago, the Obama Justice Department argued before the Supreme Court that religious institutions have no right to decide what type of persons will be allowed to minister to their parishes and schools.

“Beginning August 1, the Obamacare HHS Mandate will impose unprecedented violations to conscience and potentially millions of dollars in fines on Catholic schools who refuse to pay for abortion drugs, sterilizations, and other medical procedures inconsistent with Church teaching.

“We call on President Obama to apologize for his smear against Catholic education and to recognize and affirm the contributions to our country and to the world made by Catholic schools. Furthermore, we urge the Administration to halt their ongoing attack on religious liberty which allows religious schools of all faiths to flourish.”

President Obama said in Northern Ireland:

If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.

As of June 21st, over 3,500 individuals had signed a petition addressed to President Obama.

To schedule an interview, contact Joshua Mercer at mercer-at-catholicvote-dot-org or 231-330-8238.




  • Mary Ann Jung

    When others moved out of the city of Chicago inner city neighborhoods, the Catholic schools welcomed in the poor children who moved in free of charge. Most of these children were not Catholic. Catholic schools have done a magnificent job in Chicago

  • Mary Ann Jung

    When all others left the inner city of Chicago, the Catholic Schools and parishes stayed to educate the poor who moved in and those who were unable to leave. They did this receiving no income from those who attended who were mostly not Catholic or church goes at all.

  • John Galt

    A nation dies the death of a 1000 cuts. I would say we are halfway there by now. This Muslm president owns the main media outlets, but the internet’s news dissemination is closing in on him

  • Miriam

    I tend to agree with Obama. I am still catholic by name, I was raised by my Great Grandmother, a true Catholic. I triad to get my daughter in school, but never was accepted due to the many excuses and hurdles. Now I am in California and I wanted to become a member of the local Parish. They asked for so many papers like I needed to prove I belonged there that I just gave up! I was a member of the church in Plano, Texas for many years and never had a problem. To attend the schools you need to give money, go to church, raise funds for school, etc. So I agree Catholic schools are racist and the church is becoming the same way! Closed not open and accepting. As an added point, I know some people who are deacons who serve Mass. I am painfully aware their life if not Christ Like, in fact they are fornicators and they give you the body of Christ, so I refuse to accept from them.

  • Ethel L. Cenkner

    Does Obama think the many
    mosque schools are also dividing
    from protestant and catholic schools?

  • Elizabeth Evans

    I will stand with the Catholic Church and schools the have shape my life, my family, and now children . May God prevail in our time of need.



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