NFL Star Passes to Pope Francis

Philip Rivers is the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. But you probably knew that. He’s also Catholic. You might have known about that. (It’s not a secret.) What you probably didn’t know about, unless you read the L.A. Times, is this charming little episode involving Pope Francis and the youngest of Rivers’ six kids.

The Times has the story:

SAN DIEGO — The most meaningful pass of Philip Rivers’ life wound up in the arms of the pope.

It happened in May, when the San Diego Chargers quarterback and his extended family visited the Vatican and were in a crowd of thousands for a Wednesday papal audience. Rivers, a devout Catholic, had a prime spot in the crowd and was holding the youngest of his six children, Pete, who will turn 2 in October.”
I was about 10 yards away, and the crowd kind of opened up,” Rivers said. “Pope Francis just kind of motioned like, ‘Bring him to me.’ Pete was like, ‘No! What are you doing?!” But we passed him to the pope. It was awesome. The pope kissed him, blessed him. We got great pictures of it.”
Not the most consequential story, I know. But given the alternatives in the news these days, I’ll take it.

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  • http://facebook Kimberly Smith

    What a wonderful experience he and his family will remember for a lifetime…..What a thing to be blessed by the Pope himself…..what a nice gift his child has received….

  • Eileen Fowler

    How heartwarming is that !! Somehow our dear Francis does that happy kind of thing every day almost ! ……we give thanks for the gift of him in our lives !!!

  • jim prelesnik

    Great Story

  • Alexis McEwen

    More news like this please! I want to crowd surf to the pope. Kids get to do all of the fun stuff…

  • http://facebook bertha papale

    how blessed your child is to be kissed by the pope would love for u to share them with me

  • Ramona Long

    Beautiful story….So happy to read one like this…..the stories these days leave us sad and disgusted. Thank you for sharing ….



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