No class: Carol Shea-Porter has yet to congratulate Frank Guinta on his win

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) lost re-election to CatholicVote-endorsed Frank Guinta 10 days ago.

But she still hasn’t called Frank Guinta to congratulate him on his victory.

We often hear people complain of a lack of civility in politics today. People repeatedly condemn the barrage of attack ads that dominate the television and radio airwaves.

But after a tough and spirited campaign, we have an important tradition in our country where the defeated candidate calls to congratulate the winner.

It’s disappointing to see that Carol Shea-Porter refuses this modest gesture toward unity and civility.

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6 thoughts on “No class: Carol Shea-Porter has yet to congratulate Frank Guinta on his win

  1. Gary says:

    Tell me, just why should Guinta be congratulated when he may very well be indicted (and perhaps removed from office) for breaking campaign election laws with his “mystery bank account?”

  2. Howard says:

    This doesn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is to see politician A say that politician B is dirty scoundrel who might just destroy the country and imperil the lives and freedom of our families DURING the election, then act like his best buddy AFTER the election. When they do that, it tells me that politician A was never honest to begin with — even if what he was saying was true, he didn’t believe it when he said it.

  3. Marklyn says:

    Please emphasis that our vote placed them in the position they now have. We voted for them because we believe they are the answer to a better future for all of us. Please don’t let us down like so many in the past have done.

  4. Deacon Bob Racicot says:

    When you meet with our politicians be sure to:
    – Emphasize pro-life issues
    – The rights of Catholic hospitals and doctors
    – The need to limit government and balance the budget
    = The need to “work with” those who can provide jobs
    Thank you.

  5. KCHawk says:

    As Mushmouth on Fat Albert used to say. “She is like school on Sunday. No class.”

  6. Mary says:

    Yes,and she probably won’t. Realize it and move on…there is work to be done.

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